A Melissa matter: Flip-flop fun
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We are smack-dab in the middle of flip-flop season. People are flipping-and-a-flopping all over the place in every color and style there is, and I’m one of them.

For many this time of year is the best time for firing up the grill, making a splash in the swimming pool, throwing a line in a fishing hole and relaxing in the shade. Summertime brings on so many fun, outdoorsy things to do deciding on which pair of flip-flops to wear can be challenging when there are so many choices to pick from. The fact they are relatively inexpensive is one reason my closet is full of them.

Such a playful shoe is perfect for chilling and even symbolic of summer for a lot of children and adults.

Each season I dread getting out the seasonal swimsuit — worrying if it will still fit. I never have to worry about flip-flops. Thankfully they fit year after year. I just love that!

With all this fun over the popular summertime shoe, it’s hard to believe they can harbor more than 18,000 bacteria, including deadly germs.

A news station did a story on the results found from lab-tested flip-flops. Even the conductors of the study were surprised when they discovered the number of germs which represented bacteria from fecal matter, skin and respiratory germs. One shoe from a subway station contained the life-threatening bacteria Staphylococcus.

Dr. Philip M. Tierno Jr., director of clinical microbiology and immunology at Langone Medical Center, said it is a serious problem especially when there is an open cut or blister on the foot or if the shoe is handled with hands. He was quoted as saying it could even be deadly.

When I think about all the places the soles of my shoes have been and what my feet have been exposed to by wearing my favorite summer shoes, I get a little uneasy, especially knowing I can bring some of that nasty stuff back to my home!

To protect ourselves, Tierno suggests we keep flip-flops for the beach or pool and replace them often.

For someone who has them in every color of the rainbow I don’t think I can do that, but I will be more aware.

The doctor’s advice is good but I’d like to add some advice to it: If you are going to wear flip-flops keep your feet pretty. Nobody wants to see dirty feet. If you’re a girly-girl paint your toes. Artistic toes with colorful graphics are the craze right now. Have fun with the playful summer shoe, but be safe.