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Animal care

activists are


To The Editor:

I am writing in reference to the article "SPCA shelter 'strikes' for a better deal," written by Brian Graves. While it is clear that Ms. Anderson is quite upset, this article is extremely one-sided, and that is, for lack of a better choice of words, extremely disappointing.

As someone well-acquainted with Ms. Gravelle (whose first name is incorrectly spelled in the online version of the article), I find it hard to believe she would treat someone as "basically a piece of s---". It seems brazen to publish such a quote in regard to Ms. Gravelle and Ms. Foster without providing readers with their sides of this story. Might I ask if either of these women were contacted in regard to the information written in the Banner? Their point of view on this issue seems pertinent to the credibility of the article, and your paper overall.

In the last year, there have been many individuals in this community who have done a great deal of mudslinging toward these women and the organizations with which they are affiliated. Unfortunately, the positive influences which they, their organizations and countless volunteers have provided are often ignored. Why is it that we so rarely hear or read about the increased spay and neuter compliance in our community, the reduced shelter intake numbers or the many animals which have been adopted rather than being euthanized?

One-sided articles such as the one published on Sunday only hurt this community and the people who live in it; they don't help. Unless we want to go back to being a community with a shelter intake of more than 7,000 animals per year and a euthanasia rate of more than 80 percent, it's time to stop being so negative toward the people who are trying to make a difference.

— ​Laura Kwasnicki, LVMT


Writer urges

retention of

SC justices

To The Editor:

On the Aug. 7 ballot, voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots to retain Tennessee Supreme Court Justices Sharon Lee, Connie Clark and Gary Wade. I urge everyone to vote to retain them. I know all of them and hold them in great esteem professionally and personally. They work tirelessly to follow the law and ensure impartial justice in Tennessee.

Unfortunately, some people within the state and others outside Tennessee are attacking them by using scare tactics designed to inflame emotions based on false allegations. This unjustified attack is funded in large part by money from outside Tennessee through sources that are not required to identify their donors, unlike the justices who must report their donors and donations. For example, ads proclaim that these justices are responsible for ObamaCare in Tennessee. This is not so. ObamaCare is a federal law over which the Tennessee Supreme Court has no jurisdiction.

Tennessee’s system of appointment and retention of Supreme Court justices (and other state appellate judges) provides our state the opportunity to remove politics from appellate court elections and to have well-qualified justices serve our state. Justices should not be chosen because they have particular political views (and in fact they cannot make campaign promises to rule a certain way in particular cases), but rather on the ability of each Justice to apply the laws of our state to the facts of each individual case. This is exactly what these three justices have done during their tenures on the bench.

Further, all of them have received the overwhelming recommendation of the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, appointed by Republican leaders in Tennessee, that they be retained. Additionally, numerous groups support them (including a group of bipartisan Tennessee District Attorneys and the Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police), as well as individual Republicans and Democrats across Tennessee.

I urge everyone to exercise the right to vote, and to vote to retain Justices Lee, Clark and Wade. Please help keep politics out of our Tennessee Supreme Court.

— Marcia M. McMurray