Remember the babies in hot cars!
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To The Editor:

I have been reminded so many times these past few weeks, there is a lack of simple common sense.

What is a person thinking when they intentionally leave a child or pet locked in their car? Why would it be necessary to bring your beloved pet with you to the grocery store, only to leave them in a hot vehicle while you shop?

How can you be so negligent to take your child with you to a place, when you can’t take them inside with you? Were they really so “distracted” or “forgetful” that they simply didn’t think about their child left in the backseat? Has there not been enough awareness mentioned on the news to wake people up to this problem?

Parents have been given so many helpful tips to use as reminders. For example, a stuffed animal on the front seat, to leaving your laptop or purse in the back seat, to remember that helpless baby.

Education can only go so far. The general public has become, and is becoming, more pro-active with this problem. If someone lacks the ability to use their common sense, this sad situation will surely continue.

I applaud those who step into action when they discover a deadly situation. Break that window, call the authorities and do the right thing.

Employers, church leaders, parents, grandparents and friends need to be diligent in their effort to effectively speak out on this deadly issue. Car makers need to put a safety device in place immediately to stop the horrible and tragic loss of lives.

— Karen Curren