GRAVES’ YARD: Just a few reasons for feeling ‘sick and tired’
by Brian Graves Banner Staff Writer
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There was a tradition at the newspaper where I previously worked that the staff would dress up for Halloween.

Full-blown costumes and makeup were always the case and it was fun walking into the office on those days and seeing who I was going to be working with that day.

I’ve spent days with John Lennon, Elvis, wicked witches and an assortment of goofy characters.

It was a fun day because the tradition also held the kids in the community — especially the two nearby elementary schools — were invited to come by and we would take their pictures, give them treats and then pick the top three who would receive U.S. Savings Bonds as prizes.

There was also a small inter-office costume contest which was toughly fought every year.

There was no prize, just the honor of having been chosen.

I usually judged the contest because I never did the costume thing.

For one, it’s just not my deal to get all costumed out.

And two, I always worried there would be some late breaking tragedy to cover and I thought it best we had a civilian and not SpongeBob or Squarepants go to the scene.

My last Halloween there I could not wait to give the prize to the most unique costume idea I had ever seen.

My two colleagues in the Human Relations Department teamed up and came as “Sick and Tired.”

One was dressed like a hospital patient with gown, icepack and thermometer. The other had a pillow attached to her head and was wrapped by a blanket in pajamas.

Originality for sure!

I still laugh about it to this day and while keeping in touch with my good friends there, I never fail to ask how “Sick and Tired” are.

Here lately, that phrase has become amplified as I have found myself irritated with just about everything.

It may be age wearing on me or just needing a break, but there is a growing list of things of which I am sick and tired.

I hope the short list I share here doesn’t offend anyone.

Just as there are some who like chocolate and some who prefer vanilla, what grates me the wrong way may grant a feeling of warmth for others.

However, I have a feeling most will agree with these “fingernail on chalkboard” items.

- Reality TV: Especially being a writer, I strongly support the First Amendment and the right of free speech.

But, if I had any say, these reality TV shows would be yanked off the air and declared illegal.

Would someone please tell me exactly what talent do the Kardashians have to offer other than just being a bunch of spoiled brats with a camera following them?

“The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” “Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York and parts unknown.”

Stop it! I just don’t care.

- Breaking news: There was a time when the words “Special Report” hit the screen, it was important. There was something big happening.

However, with the advent of cable news, the words “Breaking News” are constantly on the screen in big, bold letters.

A runaway truck in Left Brain, Montana is NOT major, important breaking news.

It’s just if you think about it, everything is “breaking news” in a way, but not necessarily worth giving everyone a heart attack over.

- Trying to drive the speed limit: I drive a lot of miles every day and give every attempt to be a law-abiding citizen.

Do I maybe go a little over every now and then? Oh, sure I do. But I’m not a speed demon by any means.

Lately, especially driving the interstate, I have wished for one of those digital message boards I could put in my rear window.

The message would read, “I do not want to pay a speeding ticket. The speed limit is 70. If you wish to go faster, pass me already!”

I always cheer when they do pass just to be blocked by a truck going slower than I am.

I love karma!

- Republicans talking about impeaching the president: Not gonna happen. It takes 67 senators to do it and even if you get control of the Senate, best estimates are you still can’t.

Same goes with trying to repeal Obamacare and it’s the reason I tire easily of hearing GOPers criticize each other for not doing what the numbers simply won’t allow.

It’s a waste of time, money and energy. Spend it on more important things.

- Democratic leaders: Maybe it’s because I’m from the South, but my Democratic friends need to find two new leaders.

I’m sorry, but Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have all the charm and likability of snake oil salesmen.

The only words that ever come out of their mouths are how bad the other party is.

C’mon guys! You haven’t exactly been stellar in your performances.

These two come off like Statler and Waldorf — the two old guys in the balcony on “The Muppet Show.”

At least find someone who can state the opposition in a way I can listen to without wanting to throw a shoe at the television.

- Personalized Coca-Cola bottles: The new ad campaign for my favorite soda is driving me crazy with the most popular names being emblazened on the bottles.

It feels weird drinking from a bottle that has a name other than mine on it.

There are some with a generic slogan and I am finding I am spending (and wasting) time trying to find those.

Yes, I know that’s silly.

And true, beating the million-to-one odds I did get one with my name.

But, enough already!

- Being sick and tired: A friend of mine once called it “East Tennessee Body Rot.”

Allergies, sinus, headache, sore tummy, insomnia, irritability.

Even with that list, there’s one thing of which I never grow sick and tired.

I always keep in mind just how really blessed I am.

I have a great family, live in the best part of the country, work at doing what I love with people I like and have no serious illness.

You can never be sick and tired of being blessed.

However, will someone please just cancel the “Kardashians?”