Guest Column: I am a true American and I love America!
by WILLIAM J. FRANK Guest Columnist
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Yes, it’s true that I am an American and I love America.

Throughout the span of time, America has gone through its changes. Some change has been for the better and some has not been. Some of the changes instilled pride in our country and some have made America an embarrassment on the international stage. Not only am I an American, but my wife is also and both of us have Native American blood running through our veins and we are both proud of that lineage, Mohawk and Cherokee.

Pride? Is that a wrong way to feel? Is it wrong to feel that way about your lineage? Is it wrong to be proud of America? On one side of the coin, pride can lead to one’s downfall when they are proud of the wrong thing or ideology. On the other side of the coin, pride is a good thing when it comes to America. Without a national pride what do we become? We become like a candle in the winds of change, blown out or blown away.

When the foundation of America is attacked like it was on Sept. 11, Americans were ready for a fight to find the perpetrators. Is the foundation of America still solid as it was in years past? My opinion is to simply say, “No.”

Consider, if you will, the past event of 9/11 and the aftermath. Americans of all races united to a common cause, a common purpose, a goal to rebuild, renew and to act in such a way that the world would be “put on notice.” Days and weeks after that terrible time in American history a tsunami and swell of American pride rose up and the world knew it and saw it.

American flags flew everywhere. From the antennas of vehicles to homes everywhere and as far as one looked you could see the red, white and blue all over. Husbands and wives were bound together, not just by marital bonds but also because of America and the flag that we are so proud of.

It would never be said in public or private ... should there be a tribute to the flag, “All of this for a [****]­ flag?” But one person of note did. I know that in my home such disrespect would not be tolerated.

Could this be the new attitude of our country? Where are all of the flags that once were seen as far as the eye can see? Are we embarrassed by the flag and what it stands for or have we become complacent like we were before 9/11? The enemy is watching, waiting and listening for the right time to strike again and I believe that the next strike will be far more devastating.

Can America handle another attack on our soil or in the embassies that America has all over the world? The embassy in Benghazi and those within it knew the enemy was at the gates and Americans died to defend it. Where was the assistance that they cried out for? Those that gave their lives at the embassy, their voices cry out from their graves for justice to be done and justice must be done.

What is the truth behind the attack? I am sorry, but I do not believe the “excuse” given to Americans about a videotape or a You Tube video that attacked the Muslim faith. That is nothing more than a diversion from the real truth. Yes, four Americans died in that attack, but the powers that be didn’t care enough and still don’t. It was their responsibility to send in the necessary troops to put down the rebellion.

Yes, I am an American and I believe in a strong, well-equipped, respected military. What saddens me and many others is that our men and women in the military are living at or below the poverty level and are the most underpaid for what they are called to do. Is the military and the leadership within the military perfect? Absolutely not, but they are the best and every American should show support for them.

Once, when on a business trip, two soldiers were ahead of me in line getting on the plane. Just as we entered the plane and turned to go to our seats, an elderly man and his wife stopped them in the aisle of the first class section of the plane. The elderly man, a decorated World War II veteran, stood at attention and snapped a salute to the soldiers and thanked them both. The two soldiers were escorted to the seats of this elderly man and his wife in first class where they could relax and enjoy the flight. The people behind me and a few others saw what had happened and said, “Oh come on, if we don’t hurry up we’ll be late!” I have seen and experienced insensitivity in my life, but that had to be the icing on the cake.

I am an American and thankful that I live in America. I am an American and I have the papers to prove it, namely my birth certificate. I was born an American, I have lived up to this point in my life as an American and I will die as an American.

I have no reason to hide my proof of being born in America as some do. I have no reason to lie about the fact that I was born in America. I am thankful that I am descended from family that came to this country from Europe and became citizens of this great nation legally.

I am proud of the fact that I am descended from hard-working family that did not come to America to get a free handout from the government. I come from a lineage of family members who came to America with the dream of a better life to build and they did so by the sweat of their brows and an honest day’s work. I come from a family that at times didn’t have much, but they had what was needed. They didn’t have to have the best of the best because they had each other and thanked God for what they had.

If my ancestors were alive today and could see what America has become under the leadership presently presiding, they would gasp in horror and wonder where the America they knew went.

Yes, I am an American and I have and still do believe that America was founded upon Christian principles. I grew up in a time when every day in school at the beginning of the day a Bible verse was read, a prayer was said by the teacher and the “Pledge of Allegiance” was said by every student in every class and we respected the flag of the United States of America with our right hands over our hearts. God was the centrality of American life and government because we believed and respected Him. I grew up in a country where before every meal a blessing was said asking God to bless the food and we were thankful to Him for providing it.

I remember a time when my wife, my oldest son and I were out on a Saturday afternoon and we decided to go to a local hamburger restaurant for lunch. When we brought our food to the table and were seated, my son asked if he could pray. We bowed our heads and my son said, “God is great, God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. By his hand we all are fed, give us Lord our daily bread. Amen.” When he finished his prayer an elderly couple came to the table and told us how much they appreciated that we prayed and that my son’s prayer was so nice.

Prayer was the glue that held families together and bolstered our nation. I am an American and I can say that I was proud to be part of the Presidential Prayer Team when President George W. Bush was Commander-in-Chief.

The current administration has people bailing out like no other in history and who does it bother? Seemingly it bothers no one and is accepted. Families are bailing out. Husbands are bailing out. Wives are bailing out. Children are exposed to things today that never would have been seen or talked about in my growing up years.

Where is America headed? You decide as you sit in front of the TV, work ungodly hours just to climb the ladder of success, neglect your family at the expense of your family. America is out of control. Politicians are out of control. Lies from the “Hill” are out of control. And what is being done? Nothing!

I, like many others, have been on Facebook and it makes me laugh when I see posts that say, “If you think so and so ought to be impeached, hit ‘Like’ and make a comment.”

For many Americans, that is the extent of their involvement. When was the last time you called or wrote your legislators? Face it, you’re lazy!

I am an American and that will never change!