Danny Roberson to be Wednesday speaker at United Christian Church
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Danny Roberson
Danny Roberson
Every Wednesday in May is Super Wednesday at United Christian Church. This Wednesday, Danny Roberson will be the guest speaker.

Roberson is an accomplished Christian singer. He is presently part of Mercy Praise along with the Rev. Jon and Suzy Pierce.

“Roberson has an awesome testimony of faith,” according to pastors Charles and Margie Poteat.

“With all the challenges ministry can bring, cycling was part of my regular routine … until Saturday, Feb, 8, 1997,” Roberson said.

“On that sunny, warm Saturday afternoon two friends and I descended the hill just past my driveway to begin what was supposed to be a 20-mile training ride. At the bottom of the hill our ride was cut short. Within seconds of that descent, I experienced the worst bicycling accident imaginable.

“My neighbor’s dog had chased the first cyclist, so he yelled and the dog went back. I thought the dog would stay away because he disappeared from sight … but then out of nowhere, he jumped off a bank right in front of me. I remember hitting the dog, then sailing over the handlebars. But I don’t remember landing. My head hit the pavement so hard I lost consciousness.

“What followed was nothing short of a nightmare,” he said.

He was admitted at Erlanger Hospital with a serious concussion with two dangerous brain bleeds. The brain injury was so severe his left leg was paralyzed. He also had multiple fractures in the face (cheek, nose, jawbone; in addition, he had double vision caused by orbital blowouts).

After his release from the hospital, he had a severe pain in his right lung. It was diagnosed as pneumonia.

“It was only when we started therapy that I realized how severe my injuries where. One evening while my paralyzed leg was being massaged, I began to experience what I thought was a massive heart attack. I lost consciousness, stopped breathing, and had no pulse. I had to be resuscitated twice before arriving at the hospital.

“I knew I was dying yet there was a supernatural peace flooding my spirit. While unconscious I sensed I was free falling, then suddenly I was surrounded by the Spirit of the Lord. I remember magnifying God, sensing His presence. Then I slowly regained consciousness,” Roberson said.

During the massage on his legs he had three major blood clots that passed through his heart into his lungs.

The week before Easter, he began to have complications. Back in the hospital, he was diagnosed as having ‘The mother of all clots.’ Two ultrasounds revealed a blood clot that reached from the groin area to the ankle.

“As I waited to be taken into surgery a nurse with the sweetness of a loving grandmother came to once again take some blood.

“She noticed the distress in my face and she shut the door behind her. She asked me what was going on in my situation and I told her what the doctors had said. This sweet nurse with the countenance of an angel laid both hands on me and began to pray under a heavy anointing.

“Suddenly the Lord began to calm my fears. I stopped shaking and felt a peace that passes understanding. The door opened and an orderly took me to surgery.

“He (the doctor) told me the clot was not as extensive as they thought. It was a small but deadly clot behind my knee, but how could two ultrasound readouts that showed one massive clot be wrong?

“While lying there in that hospital bed hearing the impossibilities of my condition, I felt a bubbling inside.... I thought of the goodness of God. After two days, I began to call on the Lord. While hobbling through the house on crutches, I stopped in the living room and said ‘Lord touch me, heal me, all I want is to please you. You are a miracle worker. I know you can do this,’” Roberson prayed.

For the complete testimony, come to the Super Wednesday service, pastors Charles and Margie Poteat said.

The church is located at 2200 Peerless Road.