Grandmother shares her perspective on Katie Barkley
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Katie Barkley needs your help
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GLYNDORA CONDON, seen with her 2-year-old granddaughter Katie Barkley who suffered a serious left brain injury, a broken neck, collar bone and arm, as well as a pinched spinal cord is inviting the community to contribute to Katie’s cause by donating to help cover her medical and living expenses.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since the story of Katie Barkley ran in Lifestyles, there have been many inquiries about the 2-year-old toddler who was injured in a car accident in February. The following is a summary and update on Katie submitted by Katie’s maternal grandmother, Glyndora Condon, who has been actively engaged in Katie’s life from birth. (content unedited).



“Katie Barkley, a 2-year-old toddler suffered a broken neck, collar bone and arm, left brain (serious brain injury), and a stretched and pinched spinal cord. (On) Feb. 12 during the morning on a snowy day in McDonald, Tenn., Highway 11, after a car accident occurred with her mother, Katelynn Barkley who was driving. Katelynn reports that she was taking Katie to daycare then lost control of the car when she hit some black ice, and went down an embankment, hitting head on onto a tree. Her mother suffered a crushed heel and is recovering. She will begin placing weight on her foot April 7 while in the boot.

Katie was rushed to Erlanger, TC Thompson, who stated that Katie was in critical condition and needed immediate surgery for a large hematoma on her left brain which was life threatening. A large portion of her skull was removed so that the hematoma could be removed and the bleeding stopped.

Katie was called a quadriplegic when at TC Thompson and her family was cautioned to not read too much in the moves that she began to make while there. Her skull was freeze-dried and will be replaced when Katie returns from Kennedy Krieger Rehab in Baltimore, Md. Katie was denied by more than 30 rehab centers due to age, failure to follow commands, and her being on a ventilator with a trachea. Katie was airlifted via med-jet to Kennedy Krieger with a team of doctor, nurse and PT aboard to ensure her safety, and her mother also flew with her.

Since she has arrived Katie is making progress. She moves arms, hands, legs and feet, however the right side is very weak and much slower. Her vision is not completely in-tact, but may get better, yet this is unsure. She is still on life support with feeding tube and ventilator and was placed on oxygen today due to some of the stats according her daddy, Ryan Barkley who has to travel to the rehab every week-end so as to also be trained on Katie’s equipment and treatment needs. The mother is at Kennedy Krieger and engages in three hours of training every day with Katie.

Katie is provided physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy three times daily, six days per week and does make vocal sounds when crying and as she attempts to speak, and was overheard saying, “daddy” and she is learning to swallow, and to reach and touch stimulating toys. Today, March 26, Katie was placed on a table, was strapped in and then was sat up in a vertical position so as to stand.

Her vitals remained good and she tolerated the standing well without fussing which impressed her team of therapists. She will be at Kennedy for three months total, then will be returned to TC Thompson for the surgery to replace her skull.

Other possible surgeries down the road may include a diaphragm pacer. According to the most recent X-rays, Katie’s bones are healing. Her neck was fused, cervical 1-4, which will restrict her neck’s mobility.

Katie’s life turned upside down along with all of her family who loves her. She lost 1.5 approximate years of her developmental progress and is relearning, remapping new information to gain back her losses. There is no doubt that God’s hand is helping Katie.

Due to the traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, Katie has major needs that the family cannot afford. She has to have a ranch style home with a bedroom that meets criteria for her equipment, her 24/7 nurse, and her bed so as to be able to get around in her wheel chair that will carry her and her life support equipment.

She also needs transport that is handicapped equip for her wheelchair and equipment, also supplies. She will continue treatment and may have more surgeries through the years. The family is searching for a home. They find a few nice homes that is in a safe area and that meet the criteria, yet these homes are not affordable for this young family. They are checking all resources to find funding sources and are raising money for Katie. To date she has five continents that are in prayer for her.

We need you. If you feel in your heart to donate to Katie’s cause, then please use one or all of the following possible methods and ways for your donation:

— Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union; please make checks to Katie Barkley (mother’s account for Katie).

— account on the Internet then follow link: Click here to support Medical Bills & Finances — Katie Barkley by Katie Barkley, Found on the FB page of: Pray for 2-year-old Katie Barkley.

— SouthEast Bank: 1701 Keith St. S.E., Cleveland TN 37323: account #0007070535; make checks to Katie Barkley (grandmother’s account for Katie).

These accounts have one purpose: To provide for Katie’s needs (medical expenses and living expenses), treatments, home, auto, supplies, equipment and travel to medical facilities.

Events coming up:

— Benefit Concert, April 6, 6 p.m., featuring local Christian music group, “Standing Against the Odds”, and drama group, “Spirit Lifters”

— Soon there will be a motorcycle ride for Katie.

— There is a match $10 challenge on FB on Katelynn Barkely’s page

— Auctions for Art and other planned,

— And more to be announced on FACEBOOK. See Katie’s page for updated information.

Thank you for your prayers and help with Katie’s needs from all of her family,

Sincerely, Glyndora Condon (Grandmother (Mamaw).”