Commission OKs budget schedule
by CHRISTY ARMSTRONG Banner Staff Writer
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The Bradley County Commission has officially approved the calendar the county will be using as it prepares the budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

County government workers will follow the schedule approved Monday night as the county readies the budget for a vote by the Commission in July.

“This officially begins the budget season,” Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis said.

Department heads and bookkeepers will meet on Thursday to hear instructions on the budget process and receive necessary paperwork. After the Bradley County Finance Committee goes over the departments’ budget requests in April, most of the department heads are set to take part in hearings in early May that will give them the chance to champion the budgetary requests they are making.

While the other departments will have the hearings with the committee, Bradley County Schools system representatives will make their funding appeals during a Commission voting session also set to take place in May.

After months of consideration, the county will tentatively be able to approve the new year’s budget on July 7.

The Commission also approved a few budget amendments and the addition of a new road to the county road list during Monday’s voting session.

The county added $176 in donations private residents made to Bradley County Fire-Rescue to the department’s budget, and it did the same with a $500 donation SkyRidge Medical Center made to the Bradley County Emergency Management Agency.

Commissioners also approved the addition of $24,293 to the county’s fund for public health and welfare. The county recently received $48,586 in reciprocal revenue from the 2005 sale of Bradley Memorial Hospital. A previous court order dictated the money be split evenly between the county and the United Way of Bradley County.

The addition of $400 to the Bradley County Chancery Court’s fund for jury and witness fees, which came from the county’s general fund, was approved along with the other budget requests.

The county also voted to give Penny Hill Lane, which is located in the Penny Hill subdivision off Old Charleston Road, an official spot on Bradley County’s road list.

Changes to the county’s employee credit card policy were also approved. County-issued credit cards are only to be used for food and lodging expenses while workers are staying out of town overnight on official business, the policy now reads.

Commissioners voted to approve those changes as part of the meeting’s consent agenda, which included the list of items that had most recently been requested by Commission subcommittees.

An item on the agenda to discuss an addendum to the Road Department Employee Handbook was removed at the request of Commissioner Robert Rominger.