OUR COUNTY: Youth sports a chance for adults to be models
by Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis
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With the first few weeks of 2014 already a part of history, it is important to see how our resolutions are standing the “test of time.”

It seems that the physical aspects of goals are often the most mentioned and also the hardest to keep. But also included in this needs to be what we say and do, and how we act toward our fellow citizen.

While it is important to work on these qualities and traits in our own lives, it is also important to emulate and encourage these traits in our children as well. One of the best places for this “life lesson” to be learned is on the field, court or diamond during youth sports and the experiences that transpire during that brief time in each of our lives.

The concepts of teamwork, conditioning, excellence of character and BOTH winning and losing are taught with precision during this time. There are also examples for our children to see that are worthy of wanting to be like some adults, and also some examples of those who “have not mastered the ability to respect others.”

Both behaviors are often on display for all to see.

Bradley County has been blessed with a long list of Recreation Department leaders, and at present Paul Wyrick has this honor and has led this community’s recreation board, facilities and programs for over 20 years.

During this time there have been many changes, massive growth of facilities and also abundant growth of those who participate and help ensure safe participation for all involved. This has also been a program that has been the envy of most in the state of Tennessee and that has a long history of inclusion and trying to not only meet the standards, but to exceed these standards, for all of our youth.

This has been further exemplified with our recent tournaments that have just been completed and the results are listed below:

n 5th Grade Boys A Division: Champion team is Ross with coach Brian Collins;

n 5th Grade Boys B Division: Champion team is Black Fox with coach John Willis;

n 5th Grade Girls A Division: Champion team is North Lee with coach David Hancock;

n 5th Grade Girls B Division: Champion team is Oak Grove with coach Kevin Carroll;

n 3rd Grade Boys A Division: Champion team is Oak Grove with coach Justin Carpenter;

n 3rd Grade Boys B Division: Champion team is Hopewell with coach Michael Humble;

n 3rd Grade Girls A Division: Champion team is North Lee with coach David Hancock; and

n 3rd Grade Girls B division: Champion team is Oak Grove with coach Jenny Hoffman.

One of the latest advancements that we are on the cusp of completing is the addition of protective equipment to help facilitate participation, but also to ensure safety with our spring baseball program. While this cannot and will not ensure complete prevention of every possible injury, it can help mitigate some of the possible injuries that are commonplace when people of all ages play and participate in any sporting activity.

The ability to participate, to be a part of a team, to help cheer others on to victory and to also console those who did not win are all, in my opinion, valuable parts of a successful life that not only make us all better people but also helps to build a stronger, and a more fit, community.

Our recreational leagues are just another one of the worthy programs in our community that point to this well-recognized fact ... that Bradley County is Tennessee at its best.