Change is good, but now it can slow down
by Joyanna Love
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Joyanna  Love
Joyanna Love
Change has become my constant this year.

Yet, I am thankful for it.

In a year where nearly every aspect of my life has changed, I can truly say that, for the most part, change is a good thing.

A new name. A new church. A new title. A new home.

All have happened in less than 12 months.

As Thanksgiving moves ever closer, I am realizing just how thankful I am for many aspects that these changes have brought.

I am thankful for change this year because it has brought beautiful smiles to many faces and given me the chance to be in many new places.

I am thankful for trips to Cades Cove with my husband, who first showed me its beauty.

I am thankful for family. Though they might be far away they are always there to cheer me on. I am thankful for the fun-filled thought of a 14-year-old sister full of creativity and fun. I am thankful for the psychological musing of a college senior sister as she shares about her latest class project.

I am thankful that my grandparents could see my wedding through the marvel of the modern technology of Skype, though health issues kept them from making the trip.

I am thankful for change that forces me to make new friends. Thankful for change that has me hearing an orchestra every Sunday.

Change can be beautiful, like the leaves in fall. It can be a door into new opportunities, new friendships and new hobbies. I am thankful for changes that bring growth and new opportunity to meet new people and gain new professional experience.

I am thankful for co-workers who understand when things just aren’t going your way.

I am thankful for a team that works together to get the job done.

I am thankful for my friends that have been there to help make each change a smooth one.

Change can bring spice to life, much like how being married to a man who loves spicy foods makes dinner a bit of an adventure.

I am thankful for an ever ready “exit buddy” to help me find the adventure that is out there. Yes, I am also thankful for heartwarming Pixar films.

I am thankful for the changes that have given me more space to call my own, yet know I have to share.

Sometimes change can bring one face-to-face with fear.

I have had the opportunity to face many fears in this year of change. Mostly in the form of the insects that an open door while moving or living in the country can bring.

One vivid example of this is when I was trying to kill a black hornet that had flown into my new kitchen. This was before I was married and had my husband to call for backup.

I am not really afraid of insects.

I am afraid of getting bitten or stung. Yes, this is a healthy fear but there are times when fear must be set aside to keep oneself or others from danger later.

I am thankful I didn’t get stung that day. I’m glad I did not get stung when another hornet found its way inside.

Some people do not like change. The way things are and have always been is fine for them.

I never really put myself in that category. Life for the past three years has not allowed much to stay the same too long for me. This year though takes the cake as the biggest changes since I moved to Cleveland.

A photo of leaves hangs in the office of one of my editors. The caption reads: "Change is not only inevitable, it is essential to survival. Why fear it or fight it when you can simply embrace it?"

This catchphrase has been a welcome reminder this year.

Sometimes change can feel like a way and I am simply a boat along for the ride. Yet, if I look back I see how steps and decisions made that ride possible.

As the transition to my new job title is starting to look a little more like routine, I think I have embraced enough change for one year.

Although I am thankful for it, if anyone sees change coming my way soon, please tell it to wait until next year, because for 2013, I’ve reached my quota.