Keeping it Green: Credit for Greenway’s success is better directed to ‘everyone’
by Cameron Fisher Cleveland/Bradley Greenway Board
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Previously in this column I have mentioned that my service as chairman of the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway Board is one of the most rewarding facets of community service anyone can do.

I can’t speak for other members of the board, but for me, the ongoing projects and the ever-expanding opportunities for growth of our Greenway make it an exciting board in which to be a part.

As I am out and about the community, every few days someone approaches me and thanks me for providing the Greenway. Instead of correcting them and saying something like, “I’m not the one you should be thanking,” I simply respond by outlining what I just stated above … because it’s true.

I guess it is socially acceptable to thank the person in charge for the overall success of something. For example, when we think of the success of Lee University, we credit Paul Conn. When Cleveland lands a new industry, we might thank Mayor Tom Rowland or Mayor Gary Davis, or perhaps Gary Farlow at the Chamber of Commerce.

But for the recent success of our Greenway, it truly is a team effort. While I am the lucky one to get the occasional accolades, rest assured I know where the real credit is due. Through the years the Greenway has had unwavering support from both the Bradley County Commission and the Cleveland City Council, Cleveland Utilities, Cleveland Parks and Recreation, Cleveland Public Works and others. The leaders of these public groups are all staunch advocates of the Greenway and have contributed time, expertise and funding through the years.

Another reason service to the Greenway is rewarding is these leaders recognize the value of having a Greenway in our community. It is a pleasure to contact them and know they love the Greenway as much as I do and will advocate to fix a problem or advance its progress.

Of course, like any public project, there are those who feel funds could be spent or priorities directed to other places, but the reason the Greenway is a success is because those detractors are few and far between. I can recall just one or two occasions when someone has approached me with a firm opinion of negativity toward the Greenway; and I have been able to give a pretty firm response back that their opinion is clearly in the minority of what the majority of the community has expressed.

I appreciate the comments; keep them coming. We need as much input from the public as possible, positive or negative, and opinions about where we need to (or can) go from here. We have several projects in the hopper and others brewing, but we are always looking for ways to both improve and expand the Greenway.

The Greenway Board is a critical body of leaders who cast vision and direct progress, but those who use the Greenway regularly are the best contributors. Let us hear from you. If you have an idea or concern, shoot an email to or comment on our Facebook page. You can find it by searching “The Greenway.”