Our City: Your community newspaper: timely, timeless
by Tom Rowland
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The 73rd annual National Newspaper Week's theme this year was "Your Community, Your Newspaper, Your Life."

While the "official" week has come and gone, that theme pretty well sums up the importance of our community newspaper year-round.

I learned the impact the local newspaper has when I was in high school. I delivered the Shreveport Times, an afternoon newspaper then.

Times have changed. When breaking news happened, we carriers would meet the distributor to pick up our copies of the "Extra."

People expected those to be on the street quickly for sale. So carriers were on call.

I became an avid newspaper reader at a young age. I can recall waiting anxiously for Dad to come home from work with the daily paper.

It was a tradition in our home to read the news. That has continued with me through my adulthood, as today I read several newspapers daily. And when traveling, I always pick up the local newspaper to keep up with that community’s news.

Now, some readers turn to their newspaper's website for news and information.

And while that is a good alternative, I don't think social media or the Internet reaches as deeply into our community's life as the local printed page.

Our daily paper keeps us informed about local government, sports, citizens' achievements and concerns, and offers a place to speak out.

A free press and free speech were so important to our Founding Fathers that they included them in the amendments to the United States Constitution.

The local newspaper is where many of us learn about proposed zoning changes, where crimes have occurred or even when daylight saving time ends this year.

That would be Sunday, Nov. 3, at 2 a.m.

As a former broadcast journalist, I know how all local media fits into our daily routines and keeps us informed. Broadcasters can inform us immediately.

But the local newspaper page gives us an opportunity to read and reflect on what we read, and perhaps go a little deeper into the story.

Our paper provides an opportunity to clip and save wedding, birth and obituary announcements, news we want to keep forever.

Our local paper is timely and timeless. Thanks, Cleveland Daily Banner, for being an integral part of our life in Cleveland, Bradley and surrounding areas.