Lifelines: The Lord fights for His children
by Bettie Marlowe
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Did you know our God will change the very course of nature to answer the prayers of His children!

Joshua and the Children of Israel in Chapters 9 and 10 could very well have adapted the theme song: “What a mighty God we serve, What a mighty God we serve; Angels bow before Him; Heaven and earth adore Him ... what a mighty God we serve.”

Before the Israelites left Egypt, God heard their cries and delivered them. Look what he did to bring about their deliverance from bondage as the Egyptians were hit with the 10 plagues.

Another supernatural happening got the Israelites across the Red Sea — just the first of miracles that provided guidance, protection, food and water and other provisions in the 40-year sojourn in the wilderness.

The crossing of the Jordan River was acknowledged by the Canaan inhabitants that this was a God to be reckoned with. Can you imagine how their fear doubled when they heard about the literal fall of Jericho?

But the kings of the land — with the exception of Gibeon — who tricked their way to a treaty, thought they could get together and defeat this group of people who, little by little, were “ taking their land.” Their teaming up against God, however, met with defeat.

Be aware. Evil still battles against God and those who join in the league will still meet defeat.

If the enemies thought for an instant that this group of fierce nomads was conquerable, they had a rude awakening when, during the battle, hailstones fell from the sky, wiping out the fleeing soldiers.

Their only hope was for darkness to come so they could regroup and attack again and the sun just wouldn’t go down. No doubt their eyes were on the great sun — this was one of the gods they worshiped — and realized, “ Hey, don't you think it's staying light a long time? I don't think I can make it any longer.”

The victory was undoubtedly supernatural. Not only did it send a message to all of Canaan that Jehovah was with the Israelites, it also showed the supremacy of the God of Israel over the objects of their worship.

God never meant for us to worship his creation. He is the God of creation, but He only is to be worshipped. We are not victorious within our own ability, but as verse 14 says, “for the Lord fought for Israel.”

When Israel got into trouble, it was when they did not heed the commandments of God. And we, too, get into trouble when we do not listen to Him. Prayer is the most powerful force of the Christian. It is God’s gift to his children.

God will change the course of nature to answer the prayers of His children. Believe it.