Speaking on purpose
by Rob Coombs ID. Min. Ph.D.
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Playing with my adorable, amazing, bright — I could go on but you get the idea — 3-year-old grandson in our barn, I had stair-step stacked several hay bales so that he could both climb to the top of the haystack and then one-by-one jump from bale to bale — he’s really into jumping right now.

The second time he reached the top, one of the barn cats joined him. He quickly grabbed the unsuspecting cat, slung it over one arm, and jumped ... yes, jumped with the cat dangling over his arm. I didn’t anticipate this move and I’m pretty sure the cat didn’t either. After nailing his landing, the cat quickly departed.

Allowing him a few moments to think about this decision, I asked him if he thought jumping with the cat in hand was a good idea. His face took on a very somber expression and he looked me directly in the eyes and said, “GranRob, this is something I just have to do.” Then he picked up the cat and jumped again ... and again ... and again. I’m guessing about 30 jumps with the cat in hand.

Is there something you just have to do? My assumption is that there is. Some may claim they do not know what that something is, but I believe that with greater and greater self-awareness, we become more and more aware of what we have to do. Every life, every single life, has a purpose. The task, of course, along life’s journey is to find that purpose and then live your purpose.

What is your purpose in life? To be an exceptional parent? To educate our young? To care for the elderly? To help those with addiction issues? To work on the mission field? To bring joy and laughter in the entertainment industry? To heal the sick? To build community? To fill our world with music? To bring comfort to the terminally ill? To provide healthy nourishment? To fix things that are broken? To cultivate our earth? To enforce laws for the common good? To encourage the discouraged? To lead with new innovations? To befriend the lonely?

Living in sync with your purpose brings joy to life as there is a deep appreciation for the opportunity you have been given to make a positive contribution to our world.

Nothing replaces this. Not power. Not money. Not status. Nothing. Substitutes are marketed that may bring temporary relief from living life without purpose, but the effects are fleeting.

Purpose produces a happy life which is far better than a happy hour. Purpose elicits a hope that is enduring. Purpose enables us to withstand difficult and dark days. Purpose gives life meaning and direction. Purpose is energizing. Purpose contributes to your overall well-being. Without question, purpose translates into a life well lived.

There is something you just have to do. I encourage you to do it. Go ahead and jump.