Banner publishes ‘Elegy to 9/11’ in observance of 12th anniversary
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(Editor’s Note: This poem was composed by the late Cleveland Bishop W.R. Nunnery for the victims of 9/11. It is traditionally republished in the Cleveland Daily Banner in observance of the 9/11 anniversary. It is titled “Elegy to 9/11.” Bishop Nunnery, who died June 3, 2013, received an autographed letter from former first lady Laura Bush with her thanks for the “heartfelt poem.”)

‘Elegy to 9/11’

Let me tell you a story, the world will long remember,

It was the 11th day of the month of September.

Those awful terrorists flew in from the skies,

Striking the World Trade Centers with great surprise.

It was on a Tuesday morning at 8:45,

Tower One was struck causing it to ignite.

One thing we accept by 8:47,

Many precious souls were released to Heaven.

In just a few minutes at 3 after 9,

Tower Two was hit by more of their kind.

The firemen did come and policemen too,

Ever aware of what they were trained to do.

Entering the towers, up the stairs they did climb,

Helping on their way, whomever they could find.

Higher and higher still, they all did go,

Not realizing they faced a terrible woe.

At 10:29 Tower One began to crumble,

Making it difficult for their way, several did stumble.

Many great heroes gave their lives on that day,

While trying to help others along their way.

Searching for anyone they could find,

To make sure that no one was left behind.

It was said of brave firemen as they moved around,

Found a lady in her wheelchair trying to get down.

Several flights of stairs they were able to go,

With much effort to carry her through darkness and smoke.

They were assisting her so she might be rescued,

But at 9:50 Tower Two tumbled,

and they all were subdued.

A blind man with his dog was found,

Working his way, trying to reach the ground.

Another fireman assisted them both you know,

With his help they were able to reach Ground Zero.

The man and his dog into the street they went,

Thanking God for His help and the firemen He sent.

A faithful priest also with others did die,

Ministering to them of their new home on high.

While the Great Father, looking down from above,

Whispered to them with His voice of love,

“Welcome home my child, your new life to begin,

For in those towers you were faithful to the end.”

Hundreds of firemen gave their lives on that day,

While helping many others along their way.

Never before had they faced such a problem,

But they were in the hands of One Who could solve them.

They didn’t realize when they left home that morning,

They would be going to a land where there is no dawning.

It would be good if here the story would stop,

But another huge plane is lowering to drop.

Only minutes later into the Pentagon it went,

Dozens of more heroes to Paradise were sent.

While in Heaven our God took notice of this,

Welcoming them home to a new life of bliss.

Over Pennsylvania another plane did fly,

Carrying several brave men not afraid to die.

They agreed together, saying “Now let’s roll,”

The scuffle began, the terrorists lost control.

Into a field the plane made its descent,

It’s believed that for the White House it was meant.

In each situation, moms and dads did die,

Leaving precious children alone to cry.

Our Father was touched and angels did come,

To comfort and help them, as moms and dads

He welcomed home.

As for the terrorists who caused all of this,

They did not make it to a land of bliss.

Since there are only two ways according to the Word,

It is believed that screams from Hell were heard.

Since our nation is a God-fearing one,

We pray that our leaders won’t forget what He has done.

Much time has passed now and we all must remember,

That terrible day the eleventh of September.

Also, the companions of those who lost their lives,

That God will give them comfort as they struggle to survive.

And that He be with them, as they continue on their way,

So they can join their loved ones on that great and final day.

Let us pray.