Letters to the Editor
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Couple seeks

expanded CDB

pet coverage

To The Editor:

We want to commend the Banner for running the interesting and informative full page, which is inside the Sports Section each Sunday, which deals with pets and domestic animals — primarily dogs and cats.

Gwen Swiger, who edits the page, and Sue Little, who writes the very interesting columns each week, are to be congratulated for their excellent work.

Something is missing, however. It seems that the only rescue/adoption information and pictures that appear are from the ARK. There are PALS, CARE, Exclusively Shelter Pets (ESP) and the Cleveland for No Kill folks, among others, who also rescue, foster and adopt out many dogs and cats. They do it at Petco, at Tractor Supply, through vet offices and by an excellent word-of-mouth network.

Adoptions occur at the Animal Shelter also. Yet, we see no pictures or narrative regarding adoptions through these other fine and caring individuals and groups.

We encourage the Banner to accept, and these other individuals and rescue/adoption groups to provide, stories and pictures of their animal rescue and adoption results — primarily, pictures with an informative caption.

This would greatly enlarge the adoption opportunities and places for those who may not know what is out there.

— Richard and Nancy Hughes


(Editor’s Note: The Cleveland Daily Banner appreciates Mr. and Mrs. Hughes’ concern for the well-being of pets in the community. All the groups mentioned in the letter — PALS, CARE of Meigs County, ESP, Dixie Spay, Ark and Cleveland for a No Kill Shelter, as well the Cleveland Animal Shelter — are aware, the Banner is receptive to publishing information and photos of their events. They have all on occasion taken advantage of that option.)

Docent praises Haslams for their initiatives

To The Editor:

When I returned from Iraq in 2004, 2005 and 2007, I contacted major news networks asking them to report on some things I had seen while in Iraq. I wanted to tell what a great job the Civil Affairs Unit and military were doing in building schools, roads and libraries.

I got the same response in a very demeaning voice, “Lady, we appreciate your point of view, BUT good news does not sell, only bad news.” Then, a loud click followed.

From that experience, I have been rather reluctant to contact any more newspapers or news networks. But I cannot keep silent for fear that my opinion will not be heard.

I have been a docent in the Executive Residence for Gov. Bill Haslam and first lady Crissy Haslam since Mr. Haslam took office in 2011. In addition to being a docent, I have been on several committees where I have been able to [get to] know both of them personally. I have never seen a finer couple than these two people. They take their jobs very seriously and work tirelessly to help make the state of Tennessee better for all of us, regardless of religion, race or political preference.

They both have programs that benefit all Tennesseans. One of Gov. Haslam’s objectives is to bring job growth to Tennessee, and on Mrs. Haslam’s agenda is encouraging Reading 2020. They both have been an inspiration to many.

Free tours of the Executive Residence and the Conservation Hall are another positive program that the governor and first lady offer to all residents of Tennessee. These tours can be scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Please go to Tennessee.gov, link to First Lady events, and sign up for a great piece of history.

As Tennesseans go to the polls in 2014, let voters be reminded of what good this couple has done for all of us, and let us re-elect Bill Haslam as governor of Tennessee.

— Charmaine C. Jamieson

Docent and international community organizer


Writer wants

Commission down to nine

To The Editor:

Bradley County currently has 14 county commissioners, but according to Tennessee Code 5-5-102(a)(1), Bradley County is only required to have nine commissioners.

I am proposing we reduce the number of commissioners to the minimum of nine — one commissioner per district and two that serve at-large.

I have spoken by phone with a few of the commissioners and I also brought it up this idea at a recent commission meeting, but it was quickly dismissed. I am asking that the citizens be allowed to vote by ballot if they would like to reduce the number of commissioners.

I am also proposing that we stop funding health care, life insurance and retirement for the Bradley County commissioners. This is part-time work, but they are receiving full-time benefits. This costs the taxpayers of Bradley County $69,859 a year. Do you know anyone receiving full-time benefits for part-time work?

If you live in the city you are also paying the same benefits for the City Council. I bet most of us know people who are working full-time jobs who don’t get health insurance and a retirement plan. There is absolutely no reason the county commissioners should be receiving these benefits for part-time service in a position that should not turn into a career.

If you agree and would like to see the number of commissioners reduced to nine, and also would like to quit paying for medical insurance, life insurance and retirement for part-time workers, call your commissioner and let them know.

— Thomas Lynn