Writer says ‘no’ to CC initiatives
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To The Editor:

This is in response to your articles on Common Core for our schools.

Common Core is not good for our children of the country! In my opinion, none of your articles have really said anything or told the truth. I feel most of them have been written by progressive Democrats who have gone to a “training school” for Socialism.

This is a movement that goes back to around the turn of the 20th century. Some of the leaders were President Woodrow Wilson and the Roosevelts. The idea is big government, no private property, controlled by the state, equal distribution of goods and last-but-not-least a society that will lead to Marxism and eventually Communism.

Here is what I know about Common Core. The state takes your child at the age of 3 and starts teaching the needs of the state. The child remains in the home and then “teaches the parents” what they learn. The child will become an informer to the state on the parents’ beliefs, daily activities and friendships. As soon as the child progresses to the grade school levels and shows interests in other subjects, they will be enrolled in higher learning. Yes, you got it right ... whatever is good for the state.

Once this system is implemented, the chances of it being changed is none.

If I understand it right, at the beginning of the school year the child will be given a test and then it is up to the teacher to teach the child how to pass the test at the end of the school year. Only math and English will be taught ... what a pity the child won’t be able to study the other subjects, and what about music and sports? What about our freedom and the history of our Constitution? What about the slow learner or the child with a higher SAT score? Ask any teacher about teaching and the answer will be that each child learns at a different level. Heaven have mercy on the teachers!

Common Core is like ObamaCare. No, I don’t want to hear Nancy Pelosi say, “Sign it and then read it.” This is crazy! I understand that 85 percent of the people were happy with the health care before ObamaCare, and only a small group (mostly the minorities) were left out. These groups could have been taken care of without destroying the whole country’s health care system. Wait until everyone learns that they have to buy health insurance. I feel the reason ObamaCare [has been] put off until 2015 is because it is so complicated that no one knows what to do.

What is the solution? Talk to your teachers. Go to PTA meetings. Talk to your neighbors and friends about Common Core. Pray for our leaders that God will help them make the right decisions for us.

There is not much information being put out by the media except they want to get it going.

— June Snyder