They Fought To Keep Us Ever Free
by R.G. Wolf May 30, 2013
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Our nation’s birth was at a cost,

The slain were not in vain.

In bitter cold on battlefields,

They marched in spite of pain.

For glory off to war they trooped,

Undaunted left to right.

While mothers prayed they would survive,

They knew their cause was right.

Where brothers fought to kill their own,

In nations dealt with strife.

As war divides the U.S.A.,

We mourned the loss of life.

Where massive graves were Europe’s norm,

Gold stars here vigil kept.

The toll of war kept coming in,

While grieving parents wept.

Where air bombs burst with flaming wrath,

Both night and day they fell.

With steadfast faith in what was right,

We knew that war was hell!

Where wafted high on soaring wings,

Dogfights took out our brave.

In plunge of deadly smoke and fire,

They perished wave on wave.

Where battles raged and tanks mired down,

By trenches soaked blood red.

With casualties too great to count,

Saw starving troops not fed.

Where poppies bloom in Flanders Field,

In peace they rest for us.

Our brave and loving next of kin,

Remembered, now we must.

Where battleships cruised highest seas,

To vast and sandy shore.

They fought to keep us ever free,

So war be never more.

Where jungles were so damp and deep,

Our troops faced constant fear.

As captures daily broke their hearts,

Yet knowing God was near.

Where sacrificed on desert sands,

Lives to free a nation.

We honor each and everyone,

Those of God’s creation.

When solemn thought reminds our soul,

Just two for you and me.

The Son of God and our GIs,

Have died to keep us free!