Sheriff's Office: I’m still a believer
by Jim Ruth Bradley County Sheriff
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Amidst the firecrackers, picnics and other celebratory activities, I still have a strong sense of what Independence Day is all about. There’s a lot of talk of world citizenship and global economics, but I still believe in the founding principles of these United States.

Some speak of our country as outdated.

They would have you believe that the show of patriotism is unsophisticated, backwoods thinking. There are those who think it is “politically incorrect” to speak of America’s greatness, of its independent spirit. The freedom of speech, of thought, and lawful actions all have a direct bearing on daily lives here in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Unashamedly, I say I still get goosebumps sometimes when the “Star Spangled Banner,” or “America the Beautiful” is sung or played. I still believe that America is the greatest country in the history of mankind. I still believe it was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and there are many other American citizens that feel as I do.

Sure, America still has many problems to work through, but it’s no wonder that millions of people from around the world want to come here and desperately try to do so. Unfortunately, too many are here illegally. But, they see America as the promised land, the land of opportunity, the land where dreams come true.

We know that most of America is made up of people whose ancestors came here as immigrants. The immigration problems are being debated in Washington at this time. I am disappointed at the posturing of the career politicians, as they push and wrestle for the position that will give them the advantage during the next election cycle. We know that these folks will do what is best. Best for themselves, that is.

Well, with that said, I know that we as a community will come around to doing that which is right. All politics are local, and Bradley County has a long history of righting itself. Bradley Countians, generally speaking, have a sensitive conscience and will, at the end of the day, come around to do the right thing.

I have read of our history during the Civil War. I was a teen during the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement. Although my parents easily embraced the societal changes of the day, some folks balked, but as a whole our community began to accept those changes as well.

It became a matter of conscience. I believe individual bonds, such as neighbor to neighbor, co-workers forming friendships and people participating in sports activities have made it a matter of the heart that binds us, not just a matter of laws. I believe that was something like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached it.

No, it is not perfect, this land of the free and home of the brave. But, I still love this country with all of its warts and bruises. It is still the greatest thing going in the cosmos.

I still believe in America the Beautiful. I still support our armed forces. I still appreciate our veterans who went to the battlefield believing they were protecting our freedoms and the American way of life. I still believe that God through His grace and will brought this country into existence.

I welcome the new immigrants who are on the path to citizenship. I want them to embrace our country and love her and appreciate her as I do. May they be patriotic and let America become an even greater place.

I still believe in America. I am still a patriot. I am still willing to defend her here or on foreign soil, if I had to do so.

God bless America!

May you celebrate our freedoms and have a Happy Fourth of July!

Thanks for reading.