Gash discusses miniature roses at AGC meeting
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Sheryl Gash, hostess for the Aldersgate Garden Club meeting, presents a program on miniature roses.
Sheryl Gash, hostess for the Aldersgate Garden Club meeting, presents a program on miniature roses.
The Aldersgate Garden Club held its March 22 meeting at Cross Pointe Church of God. The hostess for the meeting was Sheryl Gash, with 13 members, one guest and 12 youth in attendance.

Billie Blair, president, opened the meeting. Charlotte Scott gave the devotion and prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Lelia Ware gave the secretary’s report and Jackie Westfield presented the financial report.

Blair discussed the upcoming Garden Expo sponsored by the Hamilton County Master Gardeners at Camp Jordan in East Ridge.

Blair installed New Aldersgate officers for the 2013-2015 term.

Sheryl Gash introduced her guest, Erma Brewer from the Magnolia Garden Club. Afterward, Gash presented a program on miniature roses and provided helpful information and handouts on planting and aftercare of roses.

The tips included:

— Line the bottom of the pot with a 2-3 inch layer of gravel. Add a layer of potting mix to the bottom of the pot and form it into a cone.

— Snip off any twisted, broken, or dead roots with a pair of scissors. Cut back long roots so that they are all about the same length.

— Spread the rose’s roots over the cone of soil. Slowly fill the container with soil to eliminate air pockets as you go.

— Make sure the area where the canes join the main stem sits 2 inchs higher than soil level. Water well and mulch with peat moss.

— After roses stop blooming, cut the bush’s branches back to the lowest, unopened flower bud for renewed growth the following year. If you prefer slightly larger blooms, pinch off buds when they emerge until there is only one bud per branch.

Gash told the youth in attendance that she would like for them to take pictures of their roses at different stages of growth. Brewer gave each youth and member red and yellow roses she had grown and separated from her garden. She had each youth put potting soil in their pots, before selecting the rose they would like to have. She then helped them place their roses in their pots and finish filling their pots up with more potting soil. She told them to add more water when they got home.

Thanks to the hostess was given by Barbara Brown. Others in attendance were Kay Cox, Cynthia Humes, Dorothy Keith, Margenia McKissic, Regenia Piersaul, Joan Steward, Charlotte Timberlake, Nicholas Wesley, C.J. Wesley, Alyana Wesley, Tatyana O’Neal, Aaliyah Davis, Jayda Ladd, Sophia and Josiah Salicco, Demetria Jackson and Kendra Edwards.