Sheriff's Office: There’s an eye watching you
by Jim Ruth Bradley County Sheriff
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There has been a rapid proliferation in the use of cameras and listening devices for crime prevention, as well as solving crimes.

Large international cities like New York and London have invested heavily in these cameras and it is paying off.

Even in small towns, law enforcement has been served well by crime prevention cameras (not traffic cameras).

Sometime ago a large piece of equipment was stolen in a small West Tennessee town that had a camera at its main intersection. The police reviewed the recording and sure enough, the truck and trailer had passed through that intersection with the heavy equipment on board.

In some jurisdictions, the squad cars patrol an area and continue to monitor the areas they just left with their on-board computers, accessing the neighborhood cameras.

As you would imagine it takes a multitasking, keen-witted officer to be effective with these patrol duties.

I agree with the city of Cleveland that the traffic cameras are not a good idea. I, also, am very sensitive about government at any level infringing on our constitutional rights. I take our freedoms very seriously.

But, I believe strategically placed cameras can and do prevent crimes. They, also, help solve crimes. They should be used and can be used judiciously.

So far, the people of New York have benefitted greatly from the use of the tool.

As a law-enforcement agency, we cannot sit on our hands and watch the world go by. We must study, plan and act on strategies that will keep our community safe.

Your Sheriff’s Office must be up to speed in almost every facet of crime fighting. This includes white collar crime, crimes against persons, protection of children and the elderly, and even terrorism.

The men and women at the Sheriff’s Office work every day at building a bank of knowledge and techniques in their crime-fighting efforts.

Our people have built liaisons with other local law-enforcement agencies, and with state and federal agencies. It is a great tradeoff as we help them and they help us in their specialties as well.

It takes time to build these trusting relationships with these agencies. But, our community is a better, safer place because of this network of mutual trust.

Some of our deputies continue to pursue a college or graduate degree in their time off duty. These people will be able to keep abreast of law enforcement needs as they advance in experience and rank. Bradley County residents will also benefit from their sacrifices.

I will report to you in the future about our progress and on various investigations as they mature and come to fruition.

Now, with all the awareness we have brought to the public’s attention about texting, speeding, driving under the influence and not buckling up, we are still having too many traffic-related deaths.

We are working to bring theses senseless crash numbers down. Perhaps, we cannot stop all of them, but I believe we can bring the numbers way down from the annual rate that now exists.

Traffic related deaths for 2012 were up across Tennessee. It is so important that we do our part in Bradley County to keep our roads safe for everyone.

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