League of Her Own: IOC shows no respect for Olympics
by By SARALYN NORKUS Banner Sports Writer
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Attention, can I have everyone’s attention please. In case you missed it, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that as of 2020 the sport of wrestling will not be included in the Olympics.

One of the world’s oldest sports, as well as one of the original sports participated in during the ancient Olympic games, has met its Olympic end at the hands of the politically driven IOC.

I’ve always known that the IOC was ridiculous, but once again their level of absolute idiocy has left me almost speechless, “almost” being the key word here.

Apparently, the IOC held a secretive meeting and vote among its 15 executive board members. The outcome of this meeting caught the sports world totally off guard when the IOC made a recommendation to drop wrestling from the future Olympic lineups. Wrestling is now one of seven sports that will have to petition to take the final spot at the Olympics.

The IOC has recommended that wrestling be removed, while retaining tae-kwon-do and the modern pentathlon. Wrap your minds around that one.

In 2016 golf will become an Olympic sport. Golf, which I’m still amazed is even considered a sport! So golf is in, while the intent is to push wrestling out.

Table tennis and canoeing are considered Olympic sports, yet somehow wrestling isn’t anymore? I don’t get it, but since we are talking about the IOC here I really shouldn’t be surprised by that.

The flagrant disregard for the history and athleticism of wrestling is perhaps what has me most upset. Like I previously mentioned, wrestling is one of the world’s oldest sports.

Maybe I’m getting a little too philosophical here, but in a way, wrestling is a direct connection to our ancient ancestors. For the most part, it’s safe to say that the core ideals and principles of the sport have remained unchanged, although today’s wrestlers are not using it solely for combat training nor are they participating in it while wearing little-to-no clothing.

Now lets think about how this will pan out for wrestling programs, from high school to the collegiate level. It’s possible that if the IOC actually gets its way, which it usually does, wrestling could virtually disappear altogether.

What would be the motivation for schools to keep a program that basically has no future? What would keep the students motivated to practice and hone their skills when the highest level they can reach no longer involves an Olympic medal? Sure, not everyone will go on to wrestle at the Olympic level, but it’s still a dream of some of those participating.

The IOC, dream-crusher of wrestlers worldwide. Hey, they should put that on their website!

This is still just in the “recommendation” stage, and the ultimate decision has yet to be made. Those involved in the sport will have some major campaigning ahead of them if they wish to change the minds of the flippant members in the IOC.

Best of luck wrestlers, I’m really pulling for you!