Joni Martin brings high-tech photography to Cleveland
by WILLIAM WRIGHT, Lifestyles Editor
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Joni Martin
JONI MARTIN is using chromakey technology to launch an exciting new trend in photography in the area. Anything from cereal boxes, movie posters and album covers to creative DVDs and storybook creations can be done through Khroma Key Media and the wonders of the imagination, according to Martin. She will be at the Mountain View Inn in Cleveland on Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m.
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If you have ever wanted to be the star in a personally designed movie poster or be featured on an album cover like your favorite artists, then modern technology has finally caught on to your dreams.

Joni Martin, owner of Khroma Key Media, is featuring a state-of-the-art technology called “chromakey” that can put any person or image into fun and exciting places by using a green screen as a background and then removing that background and replacing it with virtually anything.

With a range of products that combine the economy of time and money with greater creativity and a quality product, Martin is on the cutting edge of what today’s generation wants — something more than the average picture to showcase. By using chromakey editing, anyone from actors and models to seniors, athletes and groups can take their images to the furthest reaches of their imagination and be seen in the most exotic, glamorous and adventurous places, without ever leaving the studio, Martin says.

“This is photography on another level. We’re producing creative photos using 2D photos and motion graphic technology — even 3D motion graphics,” Martin explained. “We allow our customers to use their imagination to the fullest degree. By using chromakey editing with the help of a green screen, this really sets us apart from other photographers. You can even bring in an old photo of a relative and pose with them. You’ll be amazed at the results. It’s fun!”

Martin said her “Storybook” and “Leave a Message” features are very popular among parents, children and grandparents for their artistic and nostalgic benefits for young and old alike.

“A child would be able to make their own storybook using their own imagination,” she said. “They will take pictures standing in front of a green screen and be able to have their own words added to the story. They will receive a real storybook based on their own creativity! Also parents and grandparents can leave messages to their children — words of wisdom — and answer questions about their life. Our Leave a Message service will enable future generations of a person’s family tree to really know what their ancestors were like!”

The technique has been used in many fields, especially in the motion picture and video game industries. It is commonly used in weather forecast broadcasts, wherein a meteorologist appears to be standing in front of a large weather map during newscasts, but in actuality is in front of a large green or blue screen with a superimposed image.

“Our innovative range of products allows images of the highest quality to be produced in a small amount of time and for a fraction of the cost of when this technology was first introduced,” Martin said. “That means with minimal lighting and technical expertise almost any location can be utilized. We also have a solid white backdrop available for a more classic look.”

According to Martin, chroma keying can be a great way to add a little excitement to any video footage.

“We can do creative DVD’s where music and graphics are added to your favorite memories and take it to a whole new level,” Martin said. “The possibilities are endless.”

Being featured on your own imaginary album cover or movie poster is becoming a trend that may become the next fad among a younger generation, according to Martin, who says she can see several benefits for families who would like to combine the old with the new.

“Images of grandparents and great-grandparents when they were young can be combined with images of their families today in their favorite places,” Martin said. “Places some of us may never be able to go, we can get there by using this innovative new photography.”

Experts say there is a chromakey revolution under way in videography. Hollywood producers no longer have to build expensive sets for science-fiction, fantasy or period-piece settings. Instead, they can build a virtual set on computers, using chromakey technology, and save millions of dollars in production costs. Now that it has spread far beyond major motion picture studios into pop art and photography, the general public can boldly go where no other generation has gone before in home pictures and video.

“We can give you something that is fun, exciting, memorable, fashionable, heartwarming — you name it,” Martin said. “Your imagination is your own limit. We invite our clients to bring us new ideas and challenges. We want to make your images that much more priceless. And we can do it, because we now have the affordable technology for it.”

Martin said she will be in Cleveland at the Mountain View Inn on Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. for a free demonstration to anyone interested and to answer questions about the use of Chromakey technology and her services. For further information, call 423-228-0775 or visit