League of Her Own: Discussing the biggest night in NFL
by By SARALYN NORKUS Sports Writer
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With the Ravens and 49ers both clinching their places in Super Bowl history this past Sunday, it seems only natural that I would take the time to discuss football’s biggest night of the year.

First off, I have to admit that as a Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints fan, my NFL season was over ages ago; and yes, I’m still rather bitter about my letdown teams. So now I am just like most of you, educating myself on the matchup that is to come.

Here’s what I know; the 49ers have won five previous Super Bowl championships, whereas the Ravens have won just one Super Bowl (although the old Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V 16-13 over the Dallas Cowboys).

I suppose it’s not exactly fair to judge the teams based on previous Super Bowl wins, seeing as how the 49ers have about 50 years on the Ravens and won their last Super Bowl two years prior to the Ravens even being in existence.

I also know that the teams’ respective coaches, Jim and John, happen to be brothers. Isn’t that just a golden nugget for the sports media to grab on to and run with. By the way, did you know that back in 2001 Jim Harbaugh was actually signed with the Lions, only to be cut right before the regular season began? With the “Harbowl” ready to go on Feb. 3, one can only wonder if big brother John’s Ravens will beat baby brother Jim’s 49ers.

So you have heard about the Ravens killer defense right? Sorry that was a bad, worn-out Ray Lewis joke right there. Besides, he was only charged with a misdemeanor for obstruction of justice in the end.

In all seriousness though, Lewis did win defensive player of the year twice, in 2000 and 2003. Along with being on the Super Bowl winning team, Lewis was also the winner of the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award in 2000. Lewis has announced his retirement after this NFL season, and what better way to retire than going out as a Super Bowl champ?

We are going to see the battle of the hot-handed quarterbacks this year, as Joe Flacco goes up against Colin Kaepernick. I know Kaepernick was vital in the 49er defeat of the Green Bay Packers, and as a Lions fan I absolutely love the fact that we won’t see any Cheeseheads in New Orleans. Kaepernick set an NFL single-game record during the win over the Packers, rushing for 181 yards. Consider me impressed.

Flacco, on the other hand, was able to overcome pretty boy Tom Brady and the normally postseason powerhouse New England Patriots. We’ve found yet another NFL team that I cannot stand. Yes, the Patriots are good, and yes they fully well know it. I would’ve paid good money to witness the Pats fan reactions to the loss Sunday; I bet it was incredible.

Let’s not forget that in his five-year career, Flacco has gotten the Ravens into the postseason every time. Perhaps this is the year he finally goes all the way.

Perhaps it’s also time for pretty boy Brady to turn his focus fully on his modeling career. Another bonus about the Patriots not making it to the Super Bowl is that now we don’t have to worry about hearing stupid comments made by Brady’s supermodel wife.

Anyways, it will be fun to watch two quarterbacks, each riding on the high of defeating two powerhouse teams, battle each other for the championship. I predict we will see some history-making plays.

I suppose I’m not really partial to either team winning at this point. It would make for a cool story if both of San Francisco’s pro sports teams were their respective league champions though. If you remember, the Giants were able to sweep the Tigers in the World Series last season. That is still an absolutely horrible memory for a Tigers fan like me.

Let’s face it, after your team’s season is done you mainly just watch the Super Bowl so that you can talk about a few key plays and the awesome beer company commercials (Bud Light, don’t you disappoint us!).

Regardless, I predict that we are in for a hard-fought, very evenly matched football game on Feb. 3. In fact, I don’t foresee the future championship team winning by more than seven points.

Since I have to pick a team I guess I will go with the 49ers, simply because they were able to cause the Packers to implode on the field. As a Lions fan, any team that can dash the Pack’s championship dreams is OK in my book.


Saralyn Norkus is a Sports Writer for the Cleveland Daily banner. Writer her at saralyn.norkus@clevelandbanner.com.