Have you been ‘touched by an angel?’
by LUCIE R. WILLSIE, Associate Editor
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The house just lit up “real bright, bright,” said one area woman.

All the lights in the house lit up and kept getting brighter and brighter — and then went back to normal again.

It happened several times.

“What was that?” her sister asked. Sis was up visiting to help take care of their ailing mom. The pair looked around, but couldn’t see any possible explanation so they decided to call it a night. The lady from Southeast Tennessee slept on the couch and gave her bed to her sister. But then, something else happened to her.

“I just felt something at the end of the couch,” the lady said. She didn’t see anything. She just felt “something.”

The feeling that someone was trying to keep her awake kept gnawing at her.

“It was an experience I had never had before,” she said.

So, she woke up her sister and they both again looked throughout the house, looked everywhere — until they finally found the refrigerator plug. It was hot. Very hot.

“The plug was overheating,” she said. “It was about to set the house on fire.”

This Tennessee lady gratefully acknowledges that an angel saved her life, her family’s lives, as well as her home.

But, just about everyone I talked with about the subject said not only that they believe in angels, but that they have had a visit from one, at least once. And they always remember the event as if it happened yesterday.

For example, when she was just a child, playing in the front yard with her nephew one summer day, she remembers the pipes burst in her family’s house. Water was flooding every corner. Neither her mom nor her sister knew how to turn off the gushing torrent, when, all of a sudden and out of the blue, a man “just appeared.” He didn’t say much, this now grown woman said. He saved the day by turning off the water — and then he just walked back through the yard and down the road.

“We ran down to the end of the driveway — and he was gone,” she said. “You could see far in either direction ... but he just disappeared the same way he had appeared.”

Her mom told her it must have been an angel. Her sister had lived in this house a long time and knew all the neighbors ... and this man wasn’t one of them.

“Mom said she regretted never being able to thank him,” she said. But mom did tell the story “over and over and over again” in the following years.

Similar stories can be heard worldwide, it seems.

According to Internet sources, an angel is a supernatural being or spirit, usually seen in human form, found chiefly in stories from various religions. They are often portrayed as kindly and helpful celestial beings who act as guardian spirits or as conduits between heaven and earth.

The word angel in English is a combination of the Old English word engel (with a hard g) and the Old French word “angele.” Both come from the Latin “angelus,” which comes from the ancient Greek “ἄγγελος” or aggelos, meaning “messenger,” or from the Greek verb “ἀγγέλλω,” or angellō, meaning to “bear a message or bring news of.”

The New Testament records many connections between angels and humans, such as with the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. For example, an angel comforts Jesus Christ during the Agony in the Garden and an angel speaks at the empty tomb, following the Resurrection of Jesus and the rolling back of the stone by angels.

According to more online research, the Bible, in Hebrews 13:2, reminds humans that they may “entertain angels unaware.”

One man I talked with said he is sure he has met a few angels in his life.

“I think we all have,” he said. “You see things, witness things. You see people do acts of kindness. Those are angels.”

A U.S. survey in 2008 by Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion published in Time magazine, reported that 55 percent of Americans, including one in five of those who say they are not religious, believe that they have been protected by a guardian angel during their life. A 2007 Pew Institute poll found that 68 percent of Americans believe that angels are active in the world. According to four different polls conducted in 2009, 55 percent of Americans believe in angels while only 36 percent believe in global warming.

And, as for me — I too believe.