Partnerships improving success of Greenway, and functionality
by Cameron Fisher, Cleveland/Bradley Greenway Board
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In the years I have been privileged to serve on the board of the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway, I have seen some generous partnerships that have gotten us to the point of our Greenway today. These partnerships have come in the form of a donation of time, resources or skills.

Since the concept of a Greenway was first launched in our community, there has been no shortage of skills that have contributed to its success. There are the original visionaries who researched the basics of what a Greenway actually is and the dynamics that would have to take place to make it happen. The grant writers and those with the skills to negotiate donations with individuals, organizations and government agencies have been vital partners in the Greenway vision. Then there are the individuals who have the know-how and authority when it comes to negotiating with the proper agencies to get the permits, easements and rights of way. Laying down a Greenway is more than just plowing a straight path and laying some asphalt. Oh, if it were only that easy!

One of the Greenway’s most generous partners is People for Care and Learning, a benevolent organization with corporate offices in Cleveland. Its primary focus is in Southeast Asia, but as part of its mission PCL has a commitment to improve its local community. Much of that giveback has benefited the Greenway.

Several years ago PCL funded a mini-park with two benches in a picturesque location just south of the Keith and 25th Street intersection. Next, PCL donated $50,000 and the labor to build the only playground on the Greenway. Last year, with funding assistance from the Healthy Community Initiative, it installed a water fountain at the playground.

The latest improvement on the Greenway is another example of a partnership between entities. PCL expressed a desire to add a water fountain at the same location as its mini-park. PCL approached the Cleveland Rotary Foundation about partnering. Rotary has funded a water fountain on the Greenway in the past so the civic group was happy to contribute to another one. A water supply line was needed and ordinarily in a situation like this, a new meter would have to be installed and the water billed to an address for payment. However, in a generous demonstration of further partnership, the Church of God International Offices offered to allow the water line to be connected to its meter. Then, as another partnership layer, the Cleveland Department of Public Works agreed to supply the labor to install the pipe needed to the site. Now, Greenway patrons have a fourth water fountain location. In addition, this new fountain contains a special adaptation for dogs to enjoy a refreshing drink as well.

Thanks to PCL, the Cleveland Rotary Foundation, the Church of God and the city of Cleveland for partnering together to make this latest improvement possible. It was not the first, and it certainly won’t be the last, time we will witness the generosity of people and organizations in improving our Greenway.