Club Notes: State Rep. Brooks speaks to United Club
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THE UNITED CLUB met July 25 at Ryan’s for its monthly meeting. State Rep. Kevin Brooks was the guest speaker. Along with Martha Bostic, hostess others attending included Charles Lupo, Ruby Ball, Calvin Davis, Lily Cunningham, Barbara Tucker, Alexander Delk, Wade Carmen, Joe Ben Chase and Juanita Poteet.
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The monthly meeting of the United Club was called to order by Martha Bostic, founder and hostess, on July 25 at Ryan’s. She led the group in the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Charles Lupo, assistant host, gave the opening prayer. Bostic read Psalms 118:24: “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” She commented how wonderful every day is the Lord has made.

Bostic gave each attendee a handout titled, “The Star Spangled Banner” (our National Anthem written by Francis Scott Key on Sept. 14 1814, during the War Of 1812) a “first-person” description of the flag.

She asked, “Do you ever see a flag and think of the colors ... and what they stand for?” She explained the red stripes stand for and proclaim the fearless courage of America, the white stripes stand for liberty for all, and the blue is the blue of heaven and stands for loyalty and faith.

Bostic introduced the guest speaker, State Rep. Kevin Brooks. Brooks is a 1990 graduate of Lee University with a bachelor of science degree in education. He serves in Nashville as a state representative for the 24th Legislative District in Cleveland and part of Bradley County and also works as a public relations and conference coordinator in the communications department at the Church Of God International Offices.

Brooks gave handouts to all present titled, “Final Session Summary,” from The Tennessee General Assembly by the House of Representatives in Nashville. (If anyone wants a copy of this handout you may contact his assistant, Celeste Thomas, at 615-741-1350)

Brooks’ subject was “You Reap What You Sow.” He said a gentleman came by the Church Of God International Offices and talked with him about reaping and sowing which reminded Kevin about what his grandparents used to talked about.

He said the Great Seal of Tennessee has two words on it: “Agriculture and Commerce.” Much of Tennessee, he said, remains as an agriculture economy.

Brooks said that when one opens up the Word of God it talks about five specific laws about reaping and sowing. The first law is obvious — “You reap what you sow,” This is the most familiar passage in the Bible that deals with the first law of the harvest, Brooks said.

Brooks quoted Galatians 6:7-10 (NIV). Brooks said he tells people in Washington to be careful what they say, because “you will reap what you sow.”

He said, that the second law of the harvest, which seems contradictory to the first rule of sowing is, “Sometimes we reap where we have not sown.” Brooks quoted Jesus in the passage of John 4:37-38. Brooks said all of us present in life have in the past reaped because someone else has sown for us.

Brooks said the third law of the harvest is, sometime we sow where we’ll never reap. Sometimes we sow where we’ll never expect a return, so sowing must be done with good seed in order to produce a harvest. He quoted the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 9:10: “Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.”

He told those present, “See, you have to understand that I am sowing and I am doing things now that I will never see the outcome [of], so when God is ready to bring someone else into that harvest field then I’m ready to move on as well.”

He said the fourth law of the harvest is: “You will always reap more than you’ll sow.” He said, “Most of us are not farmers — I am not either.” But he explained the crop that comes from the ground is way out of proportion in size compared to the size of the seed that was invested in the ground. “This is always the case,” he added.

Brooks went on to share the fifth law of the harvest: “You always reap later than you sow.” He said nobody who throws seed into the ground gets immediate results. “This is what creates potential in most of our lives,” he said.

Brooks said all the churches in this community are a result of someone else’s effort of sowing the seed, watering it — and today we are reaping the benefits of that harvest. He encouraged the group saying, he prays that we will want to do the sowing, not just in our lives, but in other lives, because we all believe there will be a harvest, so we must invest seed into our soil everyday of our lives.

He expressed his appreciation for the United Club as being part of this community, because he said, not every community in America has a united prayer club like Cleveland does, and was grateful also for the opportunity to be guest speaker at the United Club meeting. “This to me is what our community is all about,” he said. “This is what makes our community special — they don’t do this all over the state.”

Brooks concluded with “the day when we forget about our freedom and the day we stop praying for our country — the day we forget we all are one nation under God — that is the day I think we’re in trouble. God is in control and as long as he’s in control and as long as God sets up governments and (what) he says in the Bible, channels the hearts of the king.”

Calvin Davis won the prize, which was donated by Steve Robinson of Cleveland Plywood Company.

Brooks gave the closing prayer and asked the blessing over the lunch.

The next meeting will be held at Ryan’s Restaurant in Cleveland on Aug. 29.

Others present were: Ruby Ball, Lily Cunningham, Barbara Tucker, Alexander Delk, Wade Carmen, Joe Ben Chase, Juanita Poteet and Shawn Markie, recorder.

Note: Just shortly after the July meeting on Monday, a United Club member, Irene Disney, 84, passed away at a local health care facility.


For more information on the United Club meetings, contact Bostic at 479-9207; Lupo at 478-5766; or club recorder Shawn Markie at 476-5426. To read Rep. Kevin Brooks’ entire speech, email Markie at