WRIGHT WAY: When help is needed
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A certain man came to a doctor complaining of severe back problems. His back was hurting so bad that he could no longer go to work.

It seems he had been carrying heavy loads of responsibilities for other people and had injured his back. Now he was unable even to lift his spirits.

Another man arrived complaining of a sharp pain in both his ears. In fact, there was bleeding. It seems he had been listening to so much slander and negative talk that he had lost the ability to hear anything good about anyone — even about his spiritual family. He had, in fact, become so suspicious and judgmental of others that the blood of Jesus, which covers sins, was exiting his state of mind through his ears.

Following him was a certain man with a terrible eye infection. It was blurring his vision to the point that he could no longer see himself as he truly was. He told the doctor his eye problem had impaired his forward movement.

It seems he thought so much of himself that he was blinded to his own shortcomings. Everything was always about him. He began every sentence with, “I.” The shortsighted man could no longer see how humility and a personal interest in others were essential ingredients to having meaningful relationships. Now, whenever he approached anyone, everyone would quickly step away.

In walked another man complaining of chest pains. His heart was hurting so badly that he collapsed in the waiting room. It seems he was having a heart attack! Gasping for air, the man admitted he had been secretly harboring grudges and resentment toward those who had offended him. His refusal to let go of the past and forgive freely from the heart had hardened his heart to the point that it blocked the flow of intense love from circulating throughout his life.

Later, a certain woman entered the doctor’s office with such a severe headache that she suspected a brain tumor. It seems she had a problem with the headship arrangement she had agreed to when she married her devout husband. Her problem with submission was causing tremendous head issues and arguments over who made final decisions in their family. No longer content with her role in the marital arrangement, she chose to take the lead, creating a malignant headship problem.

Another woman entered the doctor’s office with a terrible boil on her tongue. It was huge, infected and getting worse! It seems she had used her tongue to damage so many of her friends that she could not say a word and be believed anymore. The blister was so bad she could not speak to anyone without causing herself pain! Her gossip had inflicted so much injury to others that she lost her freeness of speech and was now suffering in silence.

The final patient was a man who rushed into the doctor’s office with horrible stomach cramps. His intestines were so torn up that he was unable to stand straight. It seems he had been digesting such a regular dose of pornography, profanity and nauseating violence that it was tearing him up inside! It left him too weak to take a stand for what is right. He was losing a taste for the truth.

When anyone irritated him he would instantly get so sick of them that he threw up the most toxic expressions ingested from his entertainment. Losing his appetite for spiritual food and regularly losing his temper, the man lost weight in the sight of everyone who respected him and was losing his relationship with his Maker.

Do you see anyone you know in these settings? It is not uncommon for people to find themselves falling short of the glory of God as Romans 3:23 says. But these seven people had one thing in common. They all sought help. They all recovered because they made it to the doctor, were diagnosed and treated, before their condition proved fatal. Whatever was prescribed, they followed the directions.

Although such spiritual maladies may not be uncommon, if left untreated, would you be surprised if people suffering with these unpleasant qualities became “dead in trespasses” as Ephesians 2:1 says?

How wise it would be to heed the Bible’s advice at James 5:14-16: “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — New International Version.

Seeking spiritual help when we are not feeling good about ourselves is a wise course to take. Perhaps we have taken on undue responsibilities that are weighing us down, we may have been careless in our speech, lost our balance in listening to gossip and watching unwholesome entertainment or found ourselves struggling with humility, submission or forgiveness.

Happily, the God of tender mercies arranged for spiritually qualified individuals to assist the weak, to pray with us, asking God Himself to raise us up to a higher quality of spiritual, mental and emotional health. So take advantage of this provision. It all starts by seeking help.