Still learning
by Bettie Marlowe Banner Staff Writer
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My son’s birthday is Memorial Day. His dad died the day after his 19th birthday — 28 years ago — leaving the two of us to care for each other. It hasn’t been easy for either of us, but with God’s mercy and the support of faithful friends, we have survived, in spite of his severe heart attack and extensive nerve damage, and my cancer surgeries.

A few days ago I found this writing by Terry on “Still learning” — written in the late 1990s — and I want to share it with you. He dedicated it to one of our faithful friends, Betty Jackson, from Nashville — “someone who showed me love and kept me in her prayers.”

Still learning

Have you ever been stubborn? What a dumb question. Right?

Well, have you ever been stubborn with God?

Most of us should say, “No, not me.”

But then, I would have to ask this question: “Are you doing exactly what God wants you to do every day of your life? Or are you living a good life and saying you’re doing the best you can?”

I want to put this before you — doing the best you can is not good enough. The Bible says you can do nothing ... but can do all this — so the best you can just won’t get it.

People ask, “How can you say that?”

Because I’ve spent a lot of years doing it without God and a lot of years trying to do it with God. And I still seemed to be lost — not knowing if I was at the right place in my life or not — thinking this is where God wants me, then finding out this was the wrong move.

Learning is hard. Learning and growing and applying is even harder. It really hurts when you discover you don’t know everything. And if you do know anything, you’re not using your knowledge for God or this world would not be in the shape it is.

One person can make a difference. if you don’t believe me, just try. See whose life you can affect, then see whose life that God, through you, can affect.

I think we should all test ourselves and when you fail — which is not necessarily a bad thing — turn to God and give Him your life.

Some say, “But I have — I’m a Christian.”

There’s a lot more to being a Christian than word of mouth. No one can tell you what that is for you — only what it is for them. There is a difference. But we are all called to serve. Just the “how” is different.

I think we need to quit seeking and see what is right in front of our eyes. It’s been there all along. Satan can blind Christians. Don’t ever think he can’t get to you because, if you think this, he probably already has.

I haven’t learned everything, but the one thing I have learned is the key to all our living is LOVE. Learn it, know it, use it — it works.

(“Betty, I love you. Keep the faith and grow in love.”)