Sheridan Randolph seeks re-election as General Sessions, Part 2, judge
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Sheridan Randolph announces his candidacy for re-election as judge of General Sessions Court part II (Justice Center).

Judge Randolph said, “I am forever grateful to the people of Bradley County for electing me judge. When I came into office, I intended to build upon what was already in place. Having been a lawyer for over 30 years, I had an idea of what was helpful and what could be built upon. I am very diligent to start on time, handle cases as quickly as possible, and treat everyone with human dignity. I call people ‘sir’ and ‘ma'am’ and insist that they say ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ when in Court.

“In Gayla Miller's announcement of a few weeks ago, she cited that I had done more than 11,000 cases in the last year. Most of these had more than one charge and were seen in court on at least two occasions. The numbers are staggering, but I am happy that I am able to carry the load and still give each case the attention it deserves,” the judge said.

“All court personnel play their part in accomplishing this. I do consider it my obligation to see that justice is evenhanded for everyone.

“One thing that is very important to me is that people know how much they owe and when it must be paid before they leave the courtroom. I have never seen any other judge do this and it saves much time for everyone concerned. Without this in place, people tend to leave court and never come back to see how much they owe, much less attempt to pay. For those who had over time ‘forgotten’ to pay, I figured the amounts owed, directed that attachments be sent out which Ms. Miller's superb clerks issued immediately, and the sheriff's deputies brought these people to court,” he said.

“In the first year we collected many hundreds of thousands of dollars in back fines and costs. This did not make me particularly popular with the people who owed money, as a matter of fact the nickname I was given is not printable here. These collections were, however, good for the county treasury, which in turn helped keep taxes lower for the citizens. Now anyone who owes knows how much and is given a reasonable time to pay. For those who cannot pay within a short time, an excellent probation department is available. Community service is another option often used for offenders,” he said.

Judge Randolph noted people have said he is “strict but fair, shows mercy where needed and does not talk down to people.”

“Some people I see over and over again, but I am happy to say that there are also many people who are never back in court. From time to time people will approach me in public and thank me for helping them turn their lives around. I am an ‘up with people’ person and try to correct bad and ill-advised behavior without beating anybody down,” he said.

“I try to encourage people to do better which I am sure is the intent of the law. I do make every effort to help people keep their jobs while in the court system.

“I have only one clerk on my budget, Jackie Blackburn. She is the best. I am also very pleased with the court officers which the sheriff sends for courtroom duties,” he aid.

He is married to Margaret Ann Randolph, piano teacher and organist. They have three children: Sheridan (Dan) Randolph, Fielding Randolph and wife Cassia and their daughter, Agnes, and Susanna Randolph.

“Bradley County is a great place with great people and my family is proud to have lived her for seven generations. I would be so honored if the voters of Bradley County would return me to a second term where I can continue my efforts to serve the people.” he said.

“I am a life-long Republican. While my election is subject to the Republican Primary, I thoroughly believe that politics has no place in the administration of justice,” Judge Randolph said.