Rodney Wiseman to produce ‘The Way of Luke’
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A film celebrating faith and families
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ACTOR RODNEY WISEMAN, a former Cleveland resident, is producing an independent family-oriented film with a faith-based message in support of children. Wiseman and REW Productions have launched an online website to raise $250,000 to produce a film written by Wiseman titled “The Way of Luke.”

Actor Rodney Wiseman is expanding his role and reputation in motion pictures by producing a new family-friendly film called “The Way of Luke.”

Wiseman, who attended United Christian Academy in Cleveland, said he wanted to make an entertaining film without sex, violence or vulgar language.

The aspiring producer said he believes there is an audience for faith-based films that puts emphasis on learning life lessons with inspirational themes instead of storylines that promote gratuitous blood and gore or immorality and profanity.

“We are at the beginning stages of kicking off support for ‘The Way of Luke’ and already many children and family organizations are showing support for the movie and the message of the love that children need,” Wiseman said. “Though our total budget for the film is $250,000, we are kicking off with a $12,000 goal to cover a portion of the legal and administration fees that is essential to get things started and to get the ball rolling.

“I still value the support from my hometown of Cleveland, family, friends and neighbors. I would really like to encourage them to donate, support and spread the word about our film at I feel very strongly that this is not only a story that deserves to be told, but one that deserves to be told in a way that honors God.”

According to Wiseman, the “The Way of Luke” is the story about a good-hearted man named Luke Justin who winds up in jail for fighting. With the help of the local sheriff and Luke’s wife, Sarah, he finds himself doing community service, painting for a local church. His visits with the pastor and the introduction to a foster child named Bradley, who enters his life, literally changes Luke’s life.

“‘The Way of Luke” is a family-friendly film with a fun-loving feel to it like the TV series, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard,’ Wiseman said. “Luke is a redneck rebel, accustomed to going through life on his own terms, until a precious 6-year-old foster child enters his life and forces him to become the father that he never had.”

When Wiseman presented the screenplay to The Dove Foundation for reviews, he admits he was hoping for at least three Dove Seals of approval. The nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for families and moving Hollywood in a more family-friendly direction surprised Wiseman by giving the script five Dove Seals.

“They replied, and I quote: ‘We gladly award our Dove Family-Approved Seal to this manuscript for all ages and present it with five Doves, our highest rating. If a movie is made and keeps the same content in it, we could approve that as well. We hope it is made.’”

Wiseman continued, “After receiving that review, I also submitted the screenplay to The Christian Film Guide. They said, and I quote: ‘This is a nice story. It has some great humor, some solid tension, and likeable lead characters. I have no doubt that ‘The Way of Luke’ could be an awesome addition to the Christian film scene — one I would very much welcome if it plays out as good on-screen as it does on the written page.’”

Wiseman said, “I am very honored, yet humbled at these reviews. ‘The Way of Luke’ has a lot of the elements everyone enjoys — action, comedy, suspense. Our plans for this production is National and International distribution and a Movie Sound Track. I have already been to the studio and laid out some of the Original Music for ‘The Way of Luke.’ We have been approached by several producers, expressing interest in ‘The Way of Luke,’ however, we are establishing a crew to produce it ourselves.

“I am fortunate to have some crew from my previous films, ‘Surrender’ and ‘Broken Faith’ on board. Sarah Kessinger, who worked on those two films, is one of the producers attached to this film. I have also been approached by persons expressing interest in investing in ‘The Way of Luke.’ Another element I desire for this feature is community involvement. I really want the community to be part of this film and the message it contains.”

Part of that message, he says, is raising awareness about children’s homes, foster children and adoption as well as children’s missions.

“There are so many children, even in our community that may have a very difficult life — facing challenges that we can’t even imagine,” Wiseman said. “What if we simply gave them time or showed them love — Letting them know that they are someone special? Something as simple as giving them a smile could actually be their cure.”

Wiseman said he believes if the movie is funded by the audience who prefer these family-friendly, faith-based motion pictures, “We can be allowed to make this film without compromises, and thus maintain its integrity.

“What that means is that you get a final product just as the writer, director and producers envisioned it, not a final product that had been manipulated by people whose primary goal is to see how much money they can make off of it. I ask that everyone visit the website and spread the word about ‘The Way of Luke.’ All donations and support are greatly appreciated.”

Rewards for making a contribution to the film range from a signed movie poster, a signed 8x10 still photo from Wiseman’s feature film “Frontier Boys,” downloads of his original music and more. For further information, visit online at