Meeting the challenges
by JIM RUTH, Bradley County Sheriff
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As I review the past couple of years or so, I believe the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is meeting the many challenges that come our way each day.

The six murders that were committed in Bradley County were solved. The vultures that came to steal people’s possessions in the aftermath of the 2011 storms were arrested. The many emergency calls for service were met and disposed of in a professional and correct manner.

Our deputies answered 112,000 calls for service last year, while patrolling over 300 square miles. Our traffic unit and patrol division stopped 26,000 vehicles and we arrested 152 drunk drivers. We provide security for the judges and all those using the court system. The total is staggering, but 130,694 persons passed through our courts last year. Then there were 4,208 criminal warrants and 4,083 civil papers served.

We assigned school resource officers to each of our schools, except the very small Goal Academy. We are, also, providing security there as well.

Hundreds of cases ranging from crimes against persons to property loss were investigated by the Criminal Investigations Division. Then there were hundreds of thousands in dollar amounts of stolen property recovered by your Sheriff’s Office.

Additionally, our Special Investigations Unit — which includes the narcotics and drug unit, intelligence unit, crime suppression unit (the STAR team) and the interdiction team — has made a big impact. The leaders of each of these groups not only perform their leadership tasks, but have “hands on” in ongoing investigations.

These units seized 67 meth labs, 25 vehicles, money and made 10 arrests for child pornography. They, also, conduct ongoing, joint investigations with the Cleveland Police Department, DEA, ATF, FBI and the DTF.

Our Corrections Bureau processed 6,782 prisoners last year and released 6,597, while maintaining an average daily population of 456 people.

Our GED Program is proving to be a successful endeavor, along with a number of volunteer groups that bring educational and faith-based opportunities to individual inmates. These groups also offer practical training to the inmates, so their re-entry into society will be smooth and successful.

No, we haven’t arrived yet. We never will “arrive,” because we set new goals as we meet up to the old ones. Yet, I am very pleased with the overall progress of your BCSO.

We will continue to train, train, and train. This training will keep our people on their toes as we move on into the future.

We all realize that we have a very large responsibility to keep the people safe, to feed, house and keep safe our prison population. All of these successes have come about because we have people in place to see that the job gets done, no matter what. These folks are serious about serving and protecting.

I plan for us to grow and continue to do what is best for the safety and welfare of Bradley County. This county is home to me, and I have always considered home to be a sacred place.

Thanks for reading.