Lifelines: Honor to be called ‘Mother’
by BETTIE MARLOWE Banner Staff Writer
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When my husband and I first adopted our son Terry, 5, motherhood was brand new to me. As we were eating with our pastor and his family one day, their two young boys and Terry were sitting at a children’s table nearby.

I didn’t respond when Terry called, “Mommy,” and the pastor’s wife, said, “Bettie, I believe your son is calling you.”

Then it hit me — “That’s me!” and “Mommy” became the most precious word I could hear.

Phil Whisenhunt said, “The most important occupation on earth for a woman is to be a real mother to her children. It does not have much glory to it; there is a lot of grit and grime. But there is no greater place of ministry, position or power than that of a mother.”

The wise men of the Bible also expounded on this great truth centuries ago.

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10-31).

I once heard the statement, “The American housewife is grossly underpaid.”

But if the price of a virtuous woman is “far above rubies,” then we would have to look at her “paycheck” with the same comparable value.

First of all, she has her husband’s trust and confidence (Proverbs 31:11). He knows their love will guard against doing ill to each other. They share the “pay” — the opportunity to love your partner and have the love returned unconditionally.

She will work alongside her husband in providing for the family and always seek the very best for them.

Sharing the joys and the pain with someone you love far surpasses any figures you could list (Proverbs 31:12-15). Add to that the “I love you’s” said every time you part and the last thing at night.

She shares in financial planning for the family and adds grace and wisdom to solving problems (Proverbs 31:16). Her word is considered in decisions and valued.

She stands ready to serve her family, her community and even strangers, and does not consider it a sacrifice to give of herself (Proverbs 31:17-21).

Gratitude for graciousness cannot be bought. She takes care of herself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Love and compassion mold her actions (Proverbs 31:22-26).

She knows it’s important to her family as a wife and mother that she takes steps to keep herself healthy, and not put herself at undue risk for disease and sickness.

Her character is her beauty and she has the respect and love of her family and community (Proverbs 31:27-31).

Her reputation makes her sought after for a friend to many and she is trustworthy as a confidant. She counts the people around her as special and does not begrudge her time.

No matter in what position a woman is in — business, home, wife, mother — it’s a choice place. It’s the place where God put her and what greater honor could be given.

A credit card commercial on TV stacks benefits to a card holder — like a new camera, $300; dress to wear to the family reunion, $100; plane trip, $500; and then, the ultimate — having the family together for a picture — priceless!

There are some things you can’t put a price on. And as the book of Proverbs tells us, the virtuous woman is one of those.