Letters to the Editor 9-8
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Manning, Hasan, Bales, Snowden take it on chin

To The Editor:

Under no circumstances should the military have to pay for Bradley Manning to have sex-change surgery. He’s a disgrace to the military and to America. We don’t owe him anything. Let his family pay for it. How can his lawyer behave the way he does?

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales killed many women and children, and some men too. He planned to do this. He knew what he was doing. Why did he get life? He’s earned the death penalty.

Also, I don’t think the military in war zones should have access to alcohol. It doesn’t help. He [Bales] is also a disgrace. He’s a father? Wow, big man. He killed women and their children. Is he proud? He didn’t think of his wife and children, did he?

Major Nidal Hasan, an American Muslim ... an American. He makes me sick. [He] attacked fellow Americans on American soil. He wants death. It’s honorable for him. Hey, let him rot in prison. I know there must be good Muslims, but he disgraced them, too. “One bad apple in a good bunch” ... hear of this before?

This [Edward] Snowden guy, he didn’t kill people (that we know of). But he still leaked documents. He’s another American ... but he’s a coward. He ran away.

All these men turned against their country. In World War II, they’d have been shot.

We are still at war. Our service people are still dying. Why aren’t they home yet?

Are we going to stick our nose in Syria? Are troops going to be sent? Are more deaths going to occur?

I think it’s awful the way other countries treat their citizens the way they do. All through time, this kind of thing has taken place. I don’t know the answers, but how many of our troops have to die? These countries never thank us for attempting to help out. They put us down. This is wrong.

It’s tragic ... the evil in this world. Can anyone imagine peace worldwide? I can imagine. It’s pure insanity the way people live.

I’ve said it in the Cleveland Daily Banner before. I’ll say it again. If Americans don’t love their country, get out! Leave it! Good riddance!

— Betsy Burke


Writer says

‘no’ to Syria


To The Editor:

I am normally not one to write a “Letter to the Editor,” and don't know if you will choose to publish this or not, but recently I felt compelled to contact our Congressional representative and would like to share my thoughts and use this forum to urge others to do the same.

It seems in this time and this generation our voice has become lost. It does not seem to be voiced loud enough or to those who have been elected to represent us. The voice that does come across the loudest to them is the one with the deepest of pockets, not the whisper of the average citizen.

We, the average working Americans, represent the largest portion of the voting bloc and the “national voice,” but all too often it seems our opinion is lost by our own failure to voice it. For whatever reason, we choose not to express our opinion. We may feel it doesn't matter what we think or that it will not be heard, or we are afraid of what others think or that we simply cannot make any difference.

Well, maybe it will do no good for one, two or three people to voice an opinion, but cumulatively and together we cannot all be ignored! Perhaps I am foolish to still believe that our voices are what should be the driving force behind decision-makers in Washington, but is that not the idea our government was founded on? Is that not the reason there are representatives elected from each state?

Recently, I listened to an interview with U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais who represents Tennessee's 4th Congressional District. In this interview, he discussed the American people’s distrust in the American government. I believe it is time for us to seriously voice the disgust with all that “We the People” feel is wrong and for the government to listen up!

There are far too many problems on the home front to be getting involved in another military confrontation, even if it currently does not involve "boots on the ground!" We have far too many problems within our own borders which need to be addressed. It is by addressing these issues in a serious, methodical method, and really working to fix these problems, that the federal government can earn back the trust and support of our people.

I remember as a child watching my great-grandmother writing letters to all sorts of political figures and thinking it was silly and a waste of time. As I have grown older I have realized that I have a vested interest not only for myself, but for my children, my friends, my community and our future generations in what goes on within our country now. I have realized that to not make my voice be heard and let my opinion fly, is to do myself and my country a disservice.

We should all honor our obligation to be our own representatives and exercise the rights to which many great men and women have given their lives to protect in the past and present, and to ensure that right is available to future generations and that they learn from us how to exercise that right!

I have [enclosed] the letter I sent to DesJarlais, and I ask that everyone please use your freedom of speech and right as an American citizen to voice your opinion. Your opinion may not necessarily agree with that of my own, but the ability and right to voice it and discuss issues openly without fear of persecution or retaliation from our government is what makes this country so great!

God bless the United States of America!


Dear Rep. DesJarlais:

I would like to voice my opinion of American involvement in Syria. We currently have far too many concerns, problems and issues inside the CONUS and territories to concern ourselves with policing the rest of the world. The POTUS and Congress should be concerned with fixing issues in our homeland, securing our borders, adopting/reforming immigration, looking for methods to improve the economy, employment and fixing broken entitlement problems.

In your interview embedded on your website you stated, "Americans don't trust the federal government." This is very true and I think the federal government should be more concerned with fixing that issue and regaining that long-lost trust which has eroded away from lies, deceit, scandal and mismanagement of the American people’s hard-earned tax money.

I personally feel we should adopt a pre-WWII position of isolationism and take care of ourselves first! I am but a small voice in a sea of others screaming for us to get back to taking care of ourselves.

We can defend and support our allies without direct military involvement and last I checked Syria was not an ally. Let the European nations and the countries in that region deal with a problem as the spear head for a change. I read France is behind us, but why are we looked upon to lead any military actions that take place?

Thank you if you took the time to read my opinion. Please fight to keep us out of this mess!

— Chris Shelton