Klemetsrud, of Cleveland, expresses interest in running for Congress as an Independent
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Kelly Klemetsrud
Kelly Klemetsrud
My name is Kelly Klemetsrud and I've been living in the Cleveland area going on the last 13 years. I used to teach karate (1982 to 2004) and have authored two books (which can be found on amazon.com under my last name). I'm interested in running for the 4th District Congressional seat, as an independent, held presently by Congressman Scott DesJarlais.

I'm running as an independent since both parties have failed and ignored this district for far too long. I'm very passionate about my love for our great country and I think our leaders should be role models beyond reproach for our children. I plan on being that type of leader. I'm tired of how our "leaders" so casually cast aside or sacrifice things of great importance just for personal gain or to gain a clear conscience as some have done within the past two or three years. I will be the hardest-working man ever to be elected to office.

I plan on a good part of my salary going to help my district; either by feeding the hungry (as I have done the past four years), or making sure people stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You hear talk of transparency in government all the time. I will deliver. Anytime I'm at work I will be accessible via a video link from the Discovery Channel, TLC, some TV station or some form of social media.

If some lobbyists tries to pay me off he or she will have to pay off my entire district.

I will be a public servant. I don't profit unless my district profits as well. I will work tirelessly for my district. I'm tired of the rest of the country thinking we are a joke because of our leaders.

I support changing Obamacare or we will be turned into a part-time work force. Full-time employees should be provided full-time health care while part-time employees should be provided partial health care with a path to purchase full-time benefits through the employer, at the employers’ cost. If the employee (part or full) represents the company both off the clock and while on the clock; said employer should reciprocate.

Our military needs a new mission while keeping the old mission at the ready. They need to build things up instead of tearing things down. The United States should implement a draft into the Army Corps of Engineers for two years’ minimum ,so when a disaster happens like Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Katrina, instead of waiting on the government to fix things there would already be people in place.

A civil service branch of the armed forces should be formed to rebuild infrastructure. This would serve as a way to provide employment for those who are on welfare or for those who want to become American Citizens.

Our prison systems need to be revamped, both public and private. Remove the gang culture invading the incarceration system that spills into our society. Convicts might be the lowest of the low but they are still not animals. The prisoners need to be rehabilitated while paying for their crimes. Prisons have an almost unlimited supply of cheap labor. We should use these people and give them the jobs no one wants but are important to America.

I think big business should be taken out of colleges.

A college education should be available at no charge for whoever wants an education, while the student is in school. Students would then pay back their education costs by 10 percent of salary each year via the income tax, with no interest charged, after they graduate and get a job.

High school should be in session all year long ... getting students ready for life after high school. This way college or the work force will be an easier transition and not such a shock.

Our veterans should all be linked to one computer network, so that the wait for health services becomes nil. They took care of us. WE should take care of them.

Let's set things right Aug 7, 2014, by sending me to Congress for you. You can find me on Facebook @ vote4kellyk. Please join the discussion. I do need help in this venture. I need a campaign manager, treasurer, and anything else you can think of that I might need. Call me at 423-331-1599.