Jetport projects ready for takeoff
by BRIAN GRAVES Banner Staff Writer
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KRZR is almost ready for a full blown celebration.

Those four letters are aviation shorthand for the Cleveland Regional Jetport and as the facility nears its first anniversary its directors are beginning thoughts of how to mark the occasion.

The Municipal Airport Authority heard an update on the final stages that will help to celebrate an end to the process of closing the old and opening the new.

Mark Fidler, jetport director, said construction at the site is progressing at “a brisk rate” and presented a series of pictures from the site showing the status of the project and the construction of new T-hangars.

Those structures are able to hold aircraft in protective storage areas.

“The hangars are coming along and the doors are in the process of being hung,” Fidler said. “[The doors] will be hung and the roof will be put down. Then the crew will do the final adjustments to the doors. That will pretty much wrap up the construction part.”

Fidler also said electrical installations would be ongoing after the construction phase is completed.

Responding to a question from Authority member LeRoy Rymer Jr., Fidler affirmed there are some minor shade discrepancies with the different hangars.

The director said the colors were very close to being the same, but “they are basically the same color.”

“The roofs are all white on all of them but there is an inconstancy in the color,” Fidler said. “Even with the same manufacturer you’ll find different color in the paneling. I’ve had to replace paneling on a hangar before.”

He did not suggest a replacement would be needed in this case.

Fidler also said the taxiway connectors leading to the T-hangars are being brought up to grade.

“There is one final layer of 3 inches in depth of asphalt that will be needed, then we will be able to open that up after it cures for a few days,” Fidler said. “It’s actually in good shape right now.”

He also reported there has been an initial coating of asphalt placed on the new perimeter road.

“When the hangars are completed we’ll put another 2 1/2 to 3 inches of asphalt on top of what is there at the present time, and that will be the final coating for that,” Fidler said.

He said the slopes on the sides of that road will most likely have sod placed for protective reasons, but that decision has not been final.

Authority secretary-treasurer Lynn DeVault reported on the disposal of Hardwick Field.

She said Vice Chairman Verrill Norwood, who was absent from Friday’s meeting, had sent her information concerning the issue.

“The appraisal was submitted, the plat was submitted, the form was submitted, the final approval of the non-contamination was submitted, the environmental evaluation was submitted — and the land use request will be submitted next week,” DeVault said.

She said the state would have everything needed by next week.

“I asked [Norwood] since his part was slightly ahead of schedule would it change the timing. He said it would probably be February or March depending on how fast the FAA moves on the Federal Register,” DeVault said. “He’s trying to see if they can waive that requirement, since there may not be a lot of demand from federal agencies to buy the property. But, we’re making progress.”

The Federal Register is a publication of the federal government which would give official notice, much like the case of Cleveland where a municipality would release control of an airport property.

DeVault also suggested the time may be right to plan for an event that would mark the first anniversary of the facility.

Authority members agreed to try to make plans to hold such an event on Saturday, Jan. 25, and potentially move their regular monthly meeting date and place to Friday, Jan. 24, at the jetport.

Both of those matters will be further discussed at the next meeting of the authority in December.