Haunted trail scares up funds
by DELANEY WALKER Banner Staff Writer
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Post-Mortem Haunted Trail
A CRAZY CLOWN found a moment to be silly prior to taking on a demented edge for the Post-Mortem Haunted Trail at the Tri-State Exhibition Center. Banner photo, DELANEY WALKER
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Reinbow Riders Therapeutic Center in partnership with Natural Habitz and Twisted Entertainment is taking a creative approach to fundraising with the second-annual Post-Mortem Haunted Trail.

The trail sponsors said “The longest, most frightening walk you will take through these wicked woods just got scarier.”

Meda Chapman, member of Natural Habitz and coordinator of the trail, said a lot of work has gone into creating effective scares.

“We want to give people something where, when they are finished, they aren’t going, ‘Oh my gosh, I want my money back!’” Chapman said. “That is the thing about haunts, they are usually over very quickly.”

A winding path has been set up in the back area of the Tri-State property.

Chapman and her associates have worked hard to transform the Sensory Trail into a horror-scape of excitement. Creepy music, chill-inducing quotes and the key placement of monsters all play a part in the trail’s transformation.

Most haunts tend to run about 10 minutes. The goal for Post-Mortem is to stretch the experience for at least 20 minutes. The final time stamp will depend on how quickly a guest walks — or runs.

Each guest will react differently to the trail.

“It just depends on the scare,” Chapman explained. “For me, I am kind of messed up by it now, because I’ve been to so many.”

Chapman continued, “So I will be like, ‘Oh cool, look at that,” but I go through kind of fast. Whereas other people might be huddled up, scared to death.”

Thrill enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit the trail five more times in October before it closes for another year. These dates include Friday, Saturday, and Oct. 25, 26 and 31.

Denise Lineberry, executive director of the therapeutic riding center, is a huge proponent of the fundraiser. She said Post-Mortem helps to raise funds for the center while drawing attention to the programs offered at Tri-State.

The therapeutic riding center currently boasts the only, “PATH International-member center with PATH-certified instructors in the Chattanooga and Cleveland area. The equine assisted therapies are for individuals of all ages with physical, mental and emotional disabilities.”

Programs are currently being offered for both individuals with autism and veterans.

Chapman originally contacted Tri-State’s Mack Hess more than a year ago for the original Post-Mortem. He suggested the Sensory Trail for the haunt. Her mind immediately began buzzing with the possibilities made available through an outdoor venue.

She explained there is less freedom available within a building.

Chapman ­added, “You can change costumes in a building, but not the set-up.”

All guests pay a flat fee of $12.

According to Chapman, a percentage of the funds will be given to the center. Additional money earned will be used to compensate the spooky actors who traveled near and far for the event.

Aside from raising money for the center, the goal is to scare those individuals who are not fazed by haunted houses.

“If you go to a haunt, most people are lucky if they get scared once,” Chapman said. “We have really mapped it out this year. We have tried to make every single scene a scare.”

Chapman said, “When people come out and they are either running or crying or high-fiving then I feel like we have done our job right.”