Greenway popularity continues to expand; social media helping
by Cameron Fisher
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The Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway Facebook page is becoming more and more active. With just under 1,000 “likes” friends are joining in the conversation about the things they like about the Greenway and are using the social media forum as a way to get advice, ask questions, post photos and make suggestions.

Somehow, out of the literally billions of people and organizations that are on Facebook, our Greenway was able to snag “The Greenway” as the search term. I’m sure there are hundreds of other greenways out there, but ours is THE Greenway. So, if you haven’t visited our Facebook page, it is easy to find in the search line.

Some recent posts on our page have been very complimentary. Michelle Hall said, “I biked the Greenway, then had dinner at Subway. Great way to spend the afternoon on such a nice day. Home to rest for a short time before heading to the gym.” Faye Roberson Crittenden commented, “I love the Greenway. It is one of my favorite places to go in Cleveland. I am there most mornings getting my walk in for the day.”

Other posts have links to past or upcoming events. As the number of events on the Greenway continues to increase (and it is certainly happening), there are going to be more occasions to simply go to the Facebook page to find an event that interests you.

With everyone having phones with cameras, photos and videos are showing up more and more on our page. Recently, Janice Duff took some awesome photos of plants and flowers in full spring bloom. She captured phlox, buttercups, wild geraniums and yellow trillium. Her comment was, “You don’t have to drive miles to the mountains to see spring flowers!”

Our Facebook page occasionally asks general questions to gauge reactions of the public. Last fall, after Phase 5 of the Greenway had been open for a couple of months we asked the question, “How are you enjoying the latest phase of the Greenway?” The comments included:

- “Love, love, love it!”

- “I love it. Do they have to extend it on to the Village?”

- “We ride every Sunday. Love it!”

- “Love it much better than the older part.”

In a recent article series, the Cleveland Daily Banner used its Facebook page to ask questions about what people would like to see on the Greenway. There were some interesting and thought-provoking posts and the exercise brought home the fact that social media is indeed the venue to get the word out and keep a conversation going.

If you have not visited the Greenway website, the address is There you will find lots of interesting information, but there is also a link to our Facebook page. You are invited to post some comments, ask a question or even throw a critique our way.