Forgiveness overload
by Leba Dawkins
Sep 11, 2011 | 1408 views | 0 0 comments | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend | print
I need a breather … my facial twitch is getting worse. I need the liars to stop lying, the thieves to stop stealing, vicious gossips put in a year-long coma and blatant vulgarity drowned in a vat of wisdom.

With each passing day, I’m finding it more difficult to forgive Lady Gaga, congressional gridlock and flowerpot destroying squirrels. And, quite frankly, I don’t think I can survive yet another long-faced dissertation on our nation’s out-of-control indebtedness to so many foreign countries.

When I go into forgiveness overload, I often pray for extra strength and that my embarrassing twitch won’t occur while in public.

To push a few things off the mental anxiety table, I try not to judge things like barely adult children multiplying so wildly or judge rock stars who all use the same tailor, hairdresser and broken razor.

I also try not to stress out over the growing truth that ordinary people are fast becoming an endangered species and that someone needs to drive a stake through the heart of irritating clichés that crawl into the English language.

However, concerning liars and thieves, that’s a whole different ballgame of forgiving. (twitch)

The damage that the Ponzi and Madoff schemes caused to thousands of trusting people came to mind this morning. In turn, that thought reminded me of insects because an insect is also a cold blooded creature that lacks a backbone.

I went on to think, “Forgiving an insect like a mosquito that bites you probably isn’t necessary since you probably killed it anyway. All that’s left to really do is scratch the quickly reddening bite and watch the swelling mound of flesh get bigger. Even that irritation can be remedied with a stick of ammonia from the local pharmacy.”

But is there anything available for a blood sucking violator that doesn’t leave a mark on your bodily flesh…the kind that only steals a pound of your psychological or financial flesh? Sorry, the only thing available is forgiveness. (twitch)

In today’s painful years, when most of us no longer have retirement capital to invest in 30 years of golf, travel and bingo, I occasionally seek peace and wisdom via visualization.

I’ll stretch out, close my eyes and conjure up a scene of where I’m living in heaven and the offending violator is my next door neighbor. While resting in that serene design, I’ll seek the purity of loving kindness and honest forgiveness that the Lord promised we’d all eventually have.

The only drawback to that kind of soulful mind travel is that I’ll have to wait for heavenly pureness; and, if I’m to stay stress free, I’ll have to forgive as honestly as earthly possible. (twitch)

Leba has been a contributing columnist, feature writer and photographer to the Banner for 10 years.