FCE Valentine Banquet
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Officers, members recognized for their work in 2013
Bradley County Creekwood FCE members recognized for the 2013 FCE Participation Program included Jean Cross, Pat Michaels, Marlene Davis and JoAnn Wrinkle. Wrinkle was also recognized as recipient of the CVU recognition for completion of 500 hours of service to the community.
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The Family and Community Education clubs of Bradley County recently held the annual Valentine’s Recognition Banquet at the UT Extension-Bradley County building. The event was held to honor FCE club officers and award recipients for work completed in 2013.

Mary Bagley, 2014 FCE county council president, and Kaye Smith, Extension agent with UT Extension-Bradley County, presented the awards.

Officers of 2013 included FCE Council President Cathy Shreve (Prospectors), Vice President JoAnn Wrinkle (Creekwood); Treasurer Jean Cross (Creekwood); and Mary Bagley (Taylors), secretary; as well as 2013 FCE club presidents: Sherry Casteel (Flint Springs), Marsha St. John (Inquirers), Pat Michaels (Creekwood), Phyllis Narus (Prospectors) and Oleta Ownby (Taylors).

Smith introduced the special guests. The annual auction was held to provide funds for FCE Community Service projects and the Bradley County 4-H Tennessee History Fair. The Flint Springs FCE members provided leadership for the auction.

Jean Cross, Brenda Derryberry, Sue Bancroft and Phyllis Narus were recognized for serving as members of the TAFCE Alumni. Cross was also recognized for her attendance at all 32 of the state TAFCE annual conferences.

Bradley County FCE members who received the Certified Volunteer Unit recognition for completion of 500 hours of Community Service within a three-year period included Cathy Shreve (Prospectors), Linda Humphreys (Flint Springs), Sherry Casteel (Flint Springs), Marsha St. John (Inquirers), JoAnn Wrinkle (Creekwood) and Retha Odom (Taylors,) who completed 1,000 hours of service.

Jean Cross (Creekwood) was recognized for receiving a second place at Eastern Region TAFCE Creative Writing contest. Brenda Derryberry (Prospectors) was recognized for placing second at the Eastern Region FCE Cultural Arts competition. Phyllis Narus (Prospectors) was recognized for placing first at the Eastern Region competition in Weaving, Knitting/Loom and second place in Crochet. She was first-place state winner at the state TAFCE competition with her weaving-loom entry.

The FCE Members recognized for participation in the FCE Reading Program included Flow Mintey (Creekwood) for reading 142 books in 2013. Others in the program included Doreen Johnson (Taylors) with 64 books and Betty Morrow with 50 books read. Others recognized included Joan Bryson (Taylors), 49 books; Retha Odom (Taylors), 41 books; Cathy Shreve (Prospectors), 336 books; Bennie Jenkins (Taylors), 25 books; Virginia Orr (Inquirers), 22 books; Virgie Toomey (Taylors), 22 books; Judy Varnell, 16 books (Inquirers); Peggy Pesterfield, 14 books (Inquirers); Ann McCoin, 13 books (Inquirers); Judy Bowlin, 12 books (Taylors); Patricia Pierce, 12 books (Inquirers ); Debbie Huffstetler, 10 books (Inquirers); Judy Watts, six books (Inquirers ) and Margaret Ann Randolph, three books (Inquirers). A related project, the Books for Newborns, is a major community service project of Bradley County FCE members.

The FCE Participation Program is a record of the FCE activities that members participated in throughout the past year. Creekwood FCE members who were recognized for the TAFCE Participation Program included Jean Cross, Pat Michaels, Marlene Davis, JoAnn Wrinkle and Barbara Peterson.

Taylors FCE members recognized with the FCE Participation Recognition included Mary Bagley, Pauline Cartwright, Oleta Ownby, June Parks, Judy Bowlin, Doreen Johnson, Bennie Jenkins, Joan Bryson, Virgie Toomey and Cathy Besing.

Prospectors FCE Club members recognized in the FCE Participation Program included Phyllis Narus, Cathy Shreve, Brenda Derryberry, Ann Gray, Anna Hernandez and Laura Weaver.

Flint Springs FCE members recognized in the FCE participation program included Sherry Casteel, Jeri Ervin, Betty Morrow, Dot Eslinger and Linda Humphreys.

Inquirers FCE members recognized with the FCE Participation Program included Marsha St. John, Patricia Pierce, Virginia Orr, Anne Moss, Beth Bird, Patty Callaway, Margaret Ann Randolph, Phyllis Callaway, Rachel Savage, Nell Edwards, Debbie Huffstetler, Alexis Sellins, Judy Varnell, Laverne Easterly, Peggy Pesterfield, Mary Ann Lowe and Ann McCoin.

Members recognized for the Bring-A-Buddy program included Brenda Derryberry, Cathy Shreve, Phyllis Narus and Laura Weaver, all members of the Prospectors Club; Mary Bagley and Pauline Cartwright (both from Taylors), and Beth Bird, Patty Callaway, Virginia Orr, Patricia Pierce and Margaret Ann Randolph, all members of the Inquirers. This program recognizes FCE members who “Bring a Buddy” or recruit new members to join and participate in FCE activities.

Clubs with added responsibility for the awards program included the Taylors FCE Club who decorated for the event and Flint Springs FCE who conducted the auction. The Creekwood FCE club was responsible for the program. The Taylors FCE Club members also assisted with the meal service. All FCE clubs provided auction items. For more information about the Bradley County Family and Community Education Clubs, contact the UT Extension–Bradley County office at 728-7001.