County urged to reconsider animal issue
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To The Editor:

We are indeed facing a dilemma that is very crucial to Cleveland and Bradley County. I have watched the progress being made in making our city a “No Kill City” and all the great work being done to find homes for homeless animals in Cleveland AND Bradley County [through] using the newspaper, Facebook and other social media.

I have had several animals from the Animal Shelter over the years and they have been superb pets. When I went to the shelter to get a pet, I was appalled by the squalid living conditions of the animals there, waiting to be adopted or to be killed, for want of the more sophisticated word “euthanized.” I was very pleased when these conditions improved somewhat, although attention still needs to be paid to improving the living conditions of the animals who are living there, through no choice of their own.

I am a city resident, but am not narrowminded to the point that “No Kill City” means only the city of Cleveland, but excludes the county. I am shocked by the county mayor and some of the commissioners who are of the opinion that caring for homeless animals is no longer important.

I am proud to be a long-term resident of Cleveland and Bradley County. It has been a safe and progressive community for its citizens. The introduction of the “No Kill” policy was very progressive!

With the “No Kill” policy in effect, this included our beloved animals as well. They serve as eyes to the blind and companions to the lonely. They aid the police in finding drugs and they aid rescue workers in times of disaster. They are our friends.

God, the creator of the entire universe, made them also. We must consider all of God’s creation in our decisions.

I implore our Commission members and county mayor to work together with the city to work out a solution to this situation.

Please contact the mayor and Commission members and let them know how you feel about this situation.

Cleveland is known as “The City With Spirit.” Let us all work together in order to show that we live up to that great name.

— Charles G. Laws