A Melissa matter: The heavenly boomerang
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Are you giving what you want for yourself?

The groundwork for the “Heavenly boomerang” was laid in the book of Genesis, chapter 12 where God said he would bless us and for us, to bless others, then in return we will be blessed again and again.

I have so many books and so many devotions I read through e-mail that I have forgotten where I came across a references to the “Heavenly boomerang.” Even though I can’t cite the source, I will never forget the meaning of its lesson.

It’s a patten that is as easy as one, two, three. Number one, God blesses us. Number two, we become a blessing to others. Number three, the blessings continue but come in greater abundance.

We become a conduit for God to use just by following the three simple steps. Blessings, just like love, can only increase when we give them away. Hoarding these good things does not increase their value and the benefits are minimal if we don’t do what the Bible instructs us to do and pass them on.

In the book, “The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom” Suze Orman describes the following experiment: Clench your fits tightly shut, as though you were holding onto something you were afraid you were going to lose. Feel the tension this creates and how difficult it would be to receive something, even if it were handed directly to you. Now, relax your hands; palms open and outstretched, as though you were about to offer somebody something. Can you not receive more easily when you are also in the position of giving?

Most of us are quick to do the first step in claiming blessings but too often we don’t practice the second part — of blessing others. If this happens we fail to see the abundance of blessings God had in store for us. Who knows what we may be on the brink of?

I heard a man tell about a vision he was shown from God. The man saw himself strolling through Heaven with the Lord. When they came to a large room full of beautifully packaged gifts piled as far as his eye could see, he asked what they were for. The Lord told him they were the blessings intended for him that he didn’t receive. The man realized he had not blessed those who were placed in his life. He didn’t use his blessings to bless others.

It’s our choice. We can either start throwing the “Heavenly boomerang” and throwing out blessings in order to get some blessings back our way or we can wonder what was in those beautifully packaged gifts.