A Melissa matter: 2011: Brand new start
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Where does the time go? It seems to fly by so quickly — some days I have to stop and think what day of the week it is. Seems like just yesterday we were beginning 2010 and I was writing a column about the new year and how quickly time flew by in the year 2009. And today we have already embarked on the year 2011!

We may not have the time from yesterday that seemed to soar right past us but we do have today and a new year to set some attainable and realistic goals.

With a new year also comes the time millions of people commit to, or attempt, the new year tradition of making a resolution. Most set out to succeed but many don’t make it. According to statistics, more fail than follow through on their resolutions.

I agree with an article I read which stated, “Those who make a resolution with someone else, seem to defy the odds.” Many believe the secret to improving an area of their life through a goal or a resolution is to pair up with others to offer encouragement and hold each other accountable.

We are all familiar with some of the most common New Year’s resolutions found on annual top 10 lists, including resolving to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthy, go green, reduce stress, stop smoking, volunteer in the community and simply enjoy life more. Any of these sound familiar? They are all great ones but as the statistics reveal most us don’t stick with them for more than two or three months.

If you want different resolution results with this new year, 2011, why not pair up with a friend or get the entire family involved? Just by tweaking the goal a little, you can include others and everyone can benefit.

If you are thinking about dieting or doing a “get fit” activity, why not schedule a time the rest of the family can join you? Whether you’re walking, biking, going to a fitness facility or working out at home, there are ways to plan so everyone can benefit.

You’ll spend more time with your loved ones, and it may save you some money.

Meal times are a good time to incorporate healthy choices and foods. If dieting is something you are considering, develop a family food plan and get everybody engaged in choosing the food and preparing it. The best part about this will be sharing meal times with each other. The added benefit is that it will improve family communication, too.

According to the website KeepKidsHealthy.com, getting the younger ones involved with New Year’s resolutions is a great way to develop healthier lifestyles, increase positive reinforcement and create happier families.

Dr. Samuel Gladding, Ph.D., a counseling expert from Wake Forest University, said family resolutions help families see the year ahead.

“Making resolutions encourages families to be proactive rather than reactive,” he said.

Gladding suggests having a family meeting at the beginning of the year and regular family meetings throughout the year. He says these meetings are a good way to discuss goals and keep everyone on track.

Involve your family in developing a realistic resolution for 2011. Don’t go it alone. Get others on board and you’ll have greater success. When you reach your goal, be sure to celebrate!

God wants to make all things new. That includes you. Through Him we all get a fresh start. With that fresh start comes new opportunities. It’s a great time to look forward to the new things He has in store for us in the New Year.

“And He who is seated on the throne said, ‘See! I make all things new...’ ” Revelation 21:5.