‘Chalk the Walk’
by JOYANNA LOVE Banner Senior Staff Writer
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Greenway event set April 12

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The Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway will undergo a colorful transformation near Raider Drive on April 12 as a successful art project returns for its second go-round.

The Greenway Public Arts Commission is holding the second annual “Chalk the Walk” event and fundraiser.

This year’s theme is “Peace, Love and Freedom” and created an interpretive theme category.

Commission member Tara Brown said all the other prize categories can be chalk drawings on any subject.

“Chalk the Walk” will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway near the Raider Drive playground.

Participation is $10 and gives the sidewalk artist a 5-by-5-foot section to draw on, as well as sidewalk chalk. Brown said participants are also allowed to bring their own sidewalk chalk if they know they will need specific colors.

Only solid chalk can be used during the event.

A $50 prize will be awarded for “Best of Show” for three age groups: 11-and-under, 12-17 and an adult category.

“We are breaking it down a little bit this year so hopefully that will allow some of our younger participants to win a prize,” Brown said.

Prizes are made possible by sponsors of the event.

A People’s Choice award ($25) and a Group Award ($100) will also be given.

“The way people qualify for People’s Choice is you would take a photo using Instagram [and use the hashtags #cbcchalkthewalk, #cbcgreenway] then by the end of the event the photo that has the most likes wins,” Brown said.

Schools have the opportunity to raise $100 in two ways during the event. Brown said this year school groups would be able to compete for the group award. A school group can also receive $100 by having the largest school group present at the event.

Brown said groups have larger areas to work with depending on how many are in the group.

“That’s what was neat to see last year, all ages participated. We had people who showed up that had a plan, had a grid, they knew exactly what they were doing and then we had my son just roll up and come up with something and put it on the pavement, and I thought that was really neat,” Brown “My favorite part at the end of the day was looking down the Greenway and seeing all those connecting pieces of art.”

Last year there were approximately 100 squares of sidewalk drawn on as part of the event.

“We would love to have more than that this year … We want to extend it under Keith Street,” Brown said.

A free children’s chalk area for “just for fun” art will also be available again this year.

A number of vendors will also be at the event. Vendor spots are still available for $50.

All proceeds from the event will go toward public art on the Greenway.

“One of our committee’s main goals — we would really love to see a stage along the Greenway, so that is kind of one of our top priorities to make that a reality,” Brown said. “As well as placing a piece of public art on each mile marker of the Greenway. “

The committee is also looking into artistic signs to mark the miles.

Work toward marking the miles with art has already begun. “The Pink Tower” now sits one mile from the start. “The Yellow Chair” is two miles out. The Church of God offices are three miles from the Mohawk Drive starting point. “Lovers out for a stroll,” the sculpture that sits on the Greenway near the post office, is 3 1/2 miles from the starting point.

Maintenance and preservation of the art is also being considered.

“None of the art that is on the Greenway right now is permanent, it is all on loan. … We would like to get to the point where at least some of the pieces are permanent,” Brown said.

Plans for a second bird feeder are also in the works.

The committee hopes to raise $8,000 through the event. (Last year, it raised $5,000)

“We are not 100 percent sure where we are going to put the new duck feeder. We are trying to determine what is going to be the best place for the ducks,” Brown said. “We were hoping at one point to put it near the playground but we are not sure if the ducks are going to come to that area.”

Brown said the first duck feeder has seen a lot of use.

New for this year, participants or vendors can register online at www.cbcgreenway.com.